Newark Airport Parking Options
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Newark liberty international airport offers many flight options and even more parking lot options to its Newark airport travelers. The offer can be confusing and oftentimes, it is unclear to travelers which option to use to save money, have more comfort or save time. You can book the best fit for you by booking it online here through our website.

All of our parkings offered are off-airport parking lots. Off-airport parking options are located furthest away from the airport. This makes the parking option the lowest Newark airport parking rate as prices get cheaper, the further a parking is located. These reserved parking spaces book out quickest during high season because most people choose cheap parking over fast check-in or easy access which on-site parking offers.

No matter what type of parking you choose, when parking with Parkos, you do not need to worry about the safety of your car. Security and video surveillance through security cameras are available for most of our many parkings and run 24 hours.

None of our parking partners currently offer electric vehicle charging stations in Newark. However, we are continuously adding and striving to offer that soon.

Newark Parking Options

Parking Types Our offers
Economy Parking EWR Parking Park2Go Motel 6 Elizabeth
Valet Parking Park2Go EZ Way Parking Snap Parking
Hotel Parking Red Carpet Inn Motel 6 Elizabeth
Handicap Parking Park2Go Snap Parking Red Carpet Inn

Newark Airport economy parking

Another word for economy parking is shuttle service parking which always includes a free shuttle service when booking through our website. It is one of the cheapest methods of parking and the best for you when you are traveling for a long time, are in need of long term parking, as daily rates are the lowest.

The procedure of shuttle service is as follows:

  • you drive up to the off-airport parking
  • either you or one of our parking employees will park the car in the parking lot
  • you check in at the front desk and make sure all documents are in order
  • an employee helps you load up the luggage into the (luggage assistance)
  • a free shuttle bus service brings you directly to the Newark airport terminal
  • upon your return, a shuttle driver picks you up from the terminal
  • you are driven to the parking spot, where your car is waiting for you

Most of the parking partners on our website offer an economy parking option to the Newark Liberty airport. Have a look at all of our Newark Airport Parking options now.

Valet parking Newark Airport

Valet parking, also called valet service means that you will directly drive to one of the terminals of your choice. Valet parking has the highest parking rates as it also offers the best service.

The procedure of valet services is as follows:

  • you drive up to your terminal entrance
  • an employee of our parking partner takes over your car
  • the driver parks your car at the parking location to a secure parking lot
  • after your return, check in with the parking to let them know that you have arrived back
  • your car is driven to the previously agreed upon parking lot and you can drive off

By booking valet instead of shuttle service, you can start your journey to the EWR airport later, and get to enjoy a quick parking experience.

Hotel Parking near Newark Airport

Hotel parking near Newark airport is a great decision to travel when you live further away or have an early flight to catch. We offer two Newark airport hotels parking options on our website: Red Carpet Inn Newark Airport Parking and Motel 6 Elizabeth Newark Liberty International Airport. You can book the short distance from Newark airport parkings online and need to visit the hotel's website individually to book your stay if you decide to use the sleep and fly option.

Handicap Parking at Newark Airport

Handicap parking offers people with restricted mobility the option to easily assess parking spaces. Parking lots are on ground level with no stairs or other obstacles to overcome. To make it easier for the staff at our parking partners, be sure to visibly display your official disabled license plates to clearly show the parking facility the need for a handicap spot.

Where to find handicap parking?

Currently, we offer three parkings at Newark Liberty International Airport that offer disabled parking spaces including wheelchair access: Park2Go, Snap Parking (EWR) and Red Carpet Inn Newark Airport Parking.

Furthermore, there are a handful of places reserved for travelers with disabilities in the parking areas near each terminal's entrances for drop-off. Official license plates or permits issued by a municipality or state of residency must be visibly shown to park in these areas.

Free Newark airport parking

Especially for daily parking, free parking space and parking lots are great to find. Unfortunately, to park at Newark for free is not possible unless short term parking in the pick up area for a short-time stay and only drop off or pick up. Stop letting airport parking confuse you. Comparing individual parking providers is time consuming and can be confusing. Use our website to compare the cheapest offers at liberty international airport EWR. Book your airport parking for your next trip now. Have a look at the parking rates Newark Airport.

Luckily, at Parkos, you can choose between different offers of long term parking.

Have a look and find the best fit for you!