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Newark Liberty International Airport parking map

Get the best parking rates at Newark airport

As with most airports, parking at Newark Liberty International Airport can be pricey. Newark airport parking rates vary depending on several factors, including where you stay, the period and length of stay.

Newark Airport parking Rates Long term Short term Tips FAQ

Newark Liberty International Airport is the largest airport in New Jersey and the fourteenth busiest in the United States. The airport covers over 5,000 acres and offers a variety of parking options. The airport services the New York metropolitan area together with John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) and LaGuardia Airport(LGA).

The best way to get cheap parking at Newark Airport is to use off-airport parking. Although EWR is in another state, it is still not far from downtown New York City. By car, you can reach it in 20 to 30 minutes from Lower Manhattan. Get directions to Newark airport offsite parkings. Parkos offers long-term airport parking rates starting at just $6.08 per day. Below you'll find a table of all available parking options at Parkos.

Parking Week Day Transfertime Service
Red Carpet Inn Newark Airport Parking $56.36 $6.95 11 min Self-park
The Parking Point Newark $93.28 $9.95 5 min Valet parking
Clinton Manor Hotel Newark $100.68 $11.99 15 min Self-park
One Newark Center Airport Parking (EWR) $127.24 $12.95 10 min Self-park
Motel 6 Elizabeth-Newark Liberty International Airport $108.59 $12.95 2 min Valet parking
EWR Airport Parking $118.59 $12.95 2 min Valet parking
Purchase Park 2 Fly (EWR) $135.19 $12.99 5 min Valet parking
Victoria Parking $120.77 $12.99 3 min Self-park
Park2Go (EWR) $142.71 $13.95 6 min Valet parking
Embassy Suites Newark Airport (EWR) $145.66 $14.99 15 min Self-park
EZ Way Parking EWR $148.90 $14.99 2 min Valet parking
Snap Parking (EWR) $161.72 $17.99 7 min Valet parking
Newark Airport Long Term Parking (EWR) $177.81 $19.99 6 min Self-park
ARB Parking Newark (EWR) $199.32 $20.08 6 min Self-park

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Prices are correct at the time of writing (October 2023).

Compare the best Newark airport parking rates

Short-term parking options start at for $5.25 per half hour, up to $44 per day. On the airport grounds, there are Economy lots that can be purchased for $21 per day. These lots are located 3 miles from the terminal area and offer free shuttle service from and to the terminals.

Off-airport parking costs $11.95 for a one-day ticket, when you increase your stay to 8 days you only pay $6.95 per day. Saving you 71% compared to the regular Economy lot at Newark Airport.

During the high season (July - September) parking prices tend to be higher due to high demand.

Newark airport long term parking

It's always a good idea to compare parking lot rates at EWR. Look at the comparison between Parkos long-term prices and parking options at EWR to those charged for on-airport EWR parking in the table that follows.

Airport parking prices were retrieved from the official website of Newark Airport.

On-airport Economy parking with shuttle

Economy parking is the long-term parking lot at EWR airport. The airport can be reached with the free bus service.

Daily rate From
3 days $150.00
8 days $150.00
15 days $150.00

Off-airport Long Term Parking with shuttle

When choosing self parking at Newark airport you park you car yourself. A free shuttle service will take you directly to the airport terminal.

Daily rate From
3 days $6.95 -
8 days $6.95 -
15 days $11.95 -

Off-airport Long Term Parking with valet and shuttle

Looking for extra comfort? With valet service parking at Newark the parking provider will park your car for you. A free shuttle will drive you to the airport.

Daily rate From
3 days $9.95 -
8 days $9.95 -
15 days $12.95 -

Off-airport Long Term Hotel parking

Various hotels and motels near EWR airport offer long-term parking options. A free shuttle to the airport is provided in most cases.

Daily rate From
3 days $90.92 -
8 days $120.92 -
15 days $150.92 -

Newark airport short term parking

Short-term parking lots are located directly across terminals A, B and C. Short-term parking at EWR is charged in blocks of 30 minutes. For each 1/2 hour you are charged $5.25 with a maximum of $44.00 per day. Below you'll find a table with short term parking rates.

First 30 minutes $5.25
Each additional 30 minutes $5.25
Daily rates $44.00

Newark airport smart parking tips

Do you have a electrical vehicle that needs charging? Need to pick up somebody or have restricted mobility? Please see the following tips and don't forget to read Newark airport long term parking reviews from our customers.

Restricted mobility parking

Persons with official permits visibly displayed are allowed to park at the disabled parking spots at the short-term parking lots. Request the special discount of $4 per half hour with a daily maximum of $20 by pressing the Help button when you exit.

Cell Phone Lots (drop-off & pick-up) at Newark airport

For pickup or drop off of passengers at Newark airport we recommend using the free Cell Phone lot located next to P4. The lot is 5-minute walk away from all terminals. Drivers are not allowed to leave the vehicle unattended.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The charging stations are in the short-term parking lot P4 (ground level) near the Terminal C garage. Electricity is provided free of charge. P4 cost $4.25 per half hour with a daily maximum of $38.00. A free AirTrain takes you to terminals A, B, or C.

Newark (EWR) Airport Parking FAQs

How much is it to park your car at Newark Airport?

Short term parking costs $5.25 per half hour with a maximum of $44.00 per day. On-airport long term parking costs $21.00 per day. Off-airport airport parking near Newark Airport costs $6.08-$14.99 per day depending how long you park. Long Term parking offers free shuttle service to EWR airport.

Where is the best place to park at EWR?

The best place to park near Newark Airport (EWR) is EZ Way Parking EWR. Customers on Parkos rate the parking with an average of 8.4/10. The parking located on a 5 minutes shuttle ride distance from the airport terminals. EZ Way Parking EWRoffers valet parking for $119.92 per week.

How much is long term parking at Newark Airport for a week?

A week of long term parking at Newark Airports costs $147.00 - $329.00 when you choose onsite parking. Offsite parking with free shuttle connection costs $48.65 - $180.00 for 8 days - one week.

What is the difference between short-term and long term parking at Newark Airport?

Short-term parkings are located directly across the terminal building. Long-term parkings are located at a short distance from the airport. A free shuttle service is provided to take you to your terminal. The cost of short-term parking is significantly higher than the cost of long-term parking.

Should I reserve parking at Newark Airport?

Parking at Newark Airport is always cheaper when you make a reservation. It is possible to drive up to the official airport parkings without reservation. For off-airport parking a reservation is required.

Is there disabled persons parking at Newark Airport?

Disabled parking spots are located in short-term parking lots. Go to the area in question and use the Help button to request the discount of $4 per half hour with a daily maximum of $20 on exit.

Can I drop someone off at EWR airport?

Airport we recommend using the Cell Phone Lot next to P4. The lot is only 5 minutes away from all terminals. Upon arrival at the airport, the driver is not allowed to leave the car unattended.

Can I charge my electric car at Newark Airport?

The charging stations are at the short-term parking lot P4 (ground level) right near the Terminal C garage. Electricity is available for free. You will have to pay $4.25 for a full half-hour in P4 with a daily maximum limit of $38.00. The AirTrain can take you to terminals A, B, or C.

Does Newark Airport have free parking?

Newark Airport does not have free parking. You can park for free at the Cell Phone lots for a short amount of time for pickup or dropoff. Unattended cars will be toad. Onsite and offsite parking is avaibale. Rates vary depending on the length of time parked and the location of the lot.

Where do you park when flying out of Newark Airport?

When flying out of Newark airport you can choose to park on-airport or off-airport. Off-airport parking is usually cheaper ans starts at $6.08 per day. Both on-site and off-airport parking lots offer valet and shuttle services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Shuttle parking work at Newark airport?

If you are flying out from EWR airport and need somewhere to park your car, look no further. Here at Parkos, we offer the perfect Park and Fly Newark airport shuttle service for all our clients. In fa…

How does Valet Parking work at Newark airport?

Valet parking is your best option if you don't want to waste time looking for a nice space to park. The best choice for beginning your trip is without a doubt Parkos's valet parking at Newark airport.…
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