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Jeffrey Sunday 22 September 2019

Were received well and quickly taken to the airport. Nice that the staff parked our car for us.

Anonymous Sunday 22 September 2019

Straightforward website, booking was quick and easy!

LaGuardia Airport Parking

LaGuardia Airport is a United States airport in New York City. Also known by many as LGA, the airport is situated in NYC’s borough of Queens. It’s on East Elmhurst’s Flushing and Bowery Bays waterfront and neighbors Jackson Heights and Astoria. Built in a 680 acres piece of land, LaGuardia Airport made it to the United States top 30 busiest airports at number 20 and made the 3rd busiest airport in New York City. What’s more is that LGA is serviced by four terminals that are connected by walkways and buses and 2016 saw an amazing passenger record of 29.8 million in the airport.

Cheap Parking at LaGuardia Airport Parking

Finding cheap parking in airports is never easy. This is not because they’re not available, but rather because they’re not as common as regular yet expensive parking. However, you don’t have to worry anymore because Parkos is here to change the whole idea of airport parking. Parkos collaborates with LGA parking providers to offer you the most affordable yet quality parking.

You may be wondering what could be so different with us. Well, we not only strive to offer you the best parking rates but also ensure that the parking provided is well-secured and serviced with extra perks that come with our affordable premium packages. Therefore, while most regular parking providers will offer high rates for low-quality services, we take these services a notch higher and still make the price quite friendly for you.

Location: Running late for your flight or having to drag your luggage for long distances before connecting to the airport terminals is perhaps some of the most disappointing challenges you’ll ever face in an airport. To rid these challenges and allow you to enjoy your trip with the least amount of stress directed to your parking area, we provide you strategically stationed LGA airport parking spaces for your convenience. This way, you’ll never have to worry about running late or walking for long distances before connecting to the airport terminals. Our parking providers understand the importance of time to you and therefore strive to offer conveniently located parking spaces, which are always our top picks.

Quality: Most LaGuardia Airport parking providers offer regular standards on parking, which may not include top-level security. This leaves your vehicle exposed to several risks that come with low-level-security parking. We understand how important your vehicle’s security is and therefore ensure that our parking providers have topnotch security manning your vehicle on a daily basis. Furthermore, we like to see you enjoy additional services like electric car charging stations and even car washing services. Is this any less of quality parking? Well, we offer this and so much more at pocket-friendly rates!

Reviews: Your happiness means more to us than you can imagine because it means that we’re doing something great for you and your car. We, therefore, value your feedback as we strive to improve your booking experience. Hearing from you helps us improve on areas you may feel need working on and also helps us appreciate what you like in us and even provide more of it.

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