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Jeffrey Sunday 16 June 2019

Were received well and quickly taken to the airport. Nice that the staff parked our car for us.

Anonymous Sunday 16 June 2019

Straightforward website, booking was quick and easy!

JFK Airport Parking

For those seeking an alternative to expensive ride sharing apps and unreliable public transportation, Parkos is your solution. Parkos provides an overview of affordable and reliable parking options near JFK International Airport. After you’ve tailored your search and found an option that matches your search criteria, you can make a reservation right away on our website. When you book via Parkos you will be guaranteed the lowest prices and you will rest assured that your spot will be honored.

John F. Kennedy International Airport, formerly known as Idlewild Airport and New York international Airport, is the most important airport in New York. It is located in Long Island, 30 kilometers from Manhattan. In 2017, this airport had around 30.000.000 passengers making it one of the most important airports in the US. John F. Kennedy airport has 6 terminals, and 128 gates.

The airport has multiple parking lots for both short term and long term parking. Every parking lot belongs to a different airport terminal and has its own color. This creates an overview that is easy to follow. It is possible to make a reservation online, however, you will pay much more compared to the options listed on Parkos.

Since flying is becoming more accessible, multiple entrepreneurs have decided to offer alternative parking options. Even though these parking options are not located at the airport, they are super close to JFK International Airport. Our role is to provide you with transparent and accessible options when looking for airport parking. That is why we provide detailed descriptions of the parking facilities including location, method of transportation to and from the airport, and availability among other details.

Parking reservations - The most current information for JFK Airport

Number of car parks: 3 car parks
Cheapest: Parking 4 Airport
Closest to airport: JFK DISCOUNT PARKING

Affordable parking near JFK Airport

Nobody wants to pay too much for parking at the airport. That is precisely why Parkos collaborates with different parking providers near JFK International Airport. But how are these parking providers able to offer low prices? This is because parking providers have low overhead expenses. This allows them to offer affordable rates while providing excellent and professional premium parking services.

Location: All the parkings are located nearby the airport. This means that the travel time from the parking lot to the airport terminal is never longer than 15 minutes by shuttle transportation. We want to offer a smooth transition from parking to JFK International Airport that is why we work with collaborators who are located conveniently close to the airport. It is our company guarantee that prices on Parkos will always be cheaper than self park daily rates at the airport’s parking lot.

Quality: Parkings are forced to maintain a standard of quality as the age of social media has taught us that a bad review can make or break a company. Furthermore, to distinguish themselves, the parkings often offer extra services. Perks like car wash services or electric vehicle charging stations make the parking experience a lot better.

Review: We strive to make the booking experience as easy as possible for everyone. That is why we value customer feedback, we want to get to know about your experience. We actively encourage customers to leave reviews.

Parking near JFK Airport

Whether you’re looking for short or long term parking Parkos is your best choice. We are constantly comparing rates with other parkings, as an effort to offer the most competitive prices. Besides that, all the parkings are personally inspected by us. So you can rest assured that you parked in a safe and reliable parking lot.

We would like to give you the following tips at JFK Airport:

Compare between different parking providers

Compare between different parking providers: When you make comparisons, it will definitely save you money. Our prices are the evidence. Instead of choosing from an economy parking lot from the JFK Airport Parking Lot, you should choose from one of our parking providers. You will always get the lowest price warranty.


Safety: It makes sense that you want your car to be parked safely and without any problems. At Parkos we really emphasize on this. That is why we visit the parking lots and evaluate their safety features. Furthermore, all of the parking facilities are monitored 24/7.

Plan your trip

Plan your trip: Before you go for long term parking at JFK Airport, we advise you to plan your trip ahead of time. Even though you will not cross all the busy highways, it could happen that you will be stuck in a traffic jam. Make sure to be up to date about the traffic information and plan your trip ahead of time. Be sure to carry a phone charger and before leaving your home please pull up the parking’s location on your mobile device. Also, keep your license plate info at hand for check in purposes just in case.

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