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JFK Airport Parking

John F. Kennedy International Airport goes by many names like New York Kennedy Airport JFK, Kennedy Airport, New York JFK Airport, and as it's more commonly called, JFK. JFK Airport is located in Queens, New York City and was named after former president John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1963, as a tribute after his assassination. JFK Airport is the main international airport serving New York City and is the busiest international gateway into the United States. JFK Airport is one of three airports serving the New York area, with the other two being New York Laguardia and Newark Airport. In 2019, JFK Airport handled over 62.5 million passengers, flying both domestically and internationally (see also Wikipedia).

Passengers John F. Kennedy International Airport

Year Amount
2013 50,413,204
2014 53,254,533
2015 56,827,154
2016 58,813,103
2017 59,392,500
2018 61,909,148

JFK International Airport is a hub for major airlines including Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and JetBlue. With more than 90 airlines operating at JFK Airport, travelers can have nonstop flights from JFK airport to destinations across the United States or North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Some popular domestic destinations include places like Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, Chicago O'Hare, Washington DC, Orange County John Wayne Airport, Atlanta Airport ATL, and Houston Hobby. If you have an early morning flight there are plenty of JFK airport hotels to choose from. A few JFK airport hotels that can accommodate you are Holiday Inn JFK, Radisson Hotel JFK Airport, and Comfort Inn JFK.

Being in New York City, having a car and finding a short term parking or long term parking near JFK airport can be time-consuming. And airport parking rates have become more expensive over time, not only at the JFK airport parking lots. That’s why we created Parkos. We wanted to offer an alternative airport parking lots solution that’s easy and affordable for travelers. At Parkos, we compare long term parking and short term parking lots and parking garages near John F. Kennedy (JFK) airport to help you find the best place for you to park. Parkos provides detailed descriptions of the parking facilities including parking location, parking options (self or valet), and availability. Our goal is to make short term or long term JFK parking easier and stress-free for everyone, no matter what your travel plans are. With Parkos, JFK parking rates are cheaper per day than the daily rates you would see at official JFK airport parking lots. So why park at John F. Kennedy airport when you can find more affordable parking rates and have a better parking experience at Parkos? Start comparing JFK parking lots and book online with us today!

Reservations for airport parking lots - Important information for JFK Airport Parking

🚘 Number of parking providers: 3 parking providers
✔️ Best Rated: Sunrise Auto Sales
🏷 Cheapest: Parking 4 Airport
✈️ Closest to Airport: Sunrise Auto Sales

JFK Parking Rates

Why pay high JFK parking rates when you don’t have to? Parkos works with offsite airport JFK parking operators to bring travelers more affordable parking options. They have lower expenses which means they can offer their customers cheaper parking lot prices per day than the ones found at the parking at JFK airport.

Location: Because our JFK parking partners are located near JFK, travel time will be less than 20 minutes. You don’t have to worry about being late with the close location near JFK and quick, easy transport by a free shuttle service to the terminals.

Quality: All the parking lots and parking garages offer quality airport parking and a professional customer service. The parking operators go above and beyond to give customers the best experience. Parkos also wants to help create a better parking experience, which is why we perform personal inspections to ensure high-quality parking spaces. Some providers also offer extra airport parking options per day like car care and car washes, creating a more personalized experience for you.

Review: Our goal is to make airport parking easier and more accessible to all JFK airport passengers. We encourage all customers to leave reviews about their booking and share their opinions with other customers!

Self and Valet Parking - John F. Kennedy Airport

On our website, you can find the terms "self and valet parking" to describe the different parking options. Here we will provide information over both options.

Self Park - JFK Airport Parking

Self Park JFK

If you see the option to self park listed on a long term parking lot or short term parking lot’s profile, that means you will park your own car after arriving at the parking lot. After you are checked-in and park your car, you will be able to take the shuttle service to the John F. Kennedy airport passengers terminals. The parking lots do offer luggage assistance and it is a complimentary shuttle. Upon your return from the airport, and only after collecting your baggage, you will call the parking provider to come pick up you and your luggage. You can find the phone number of the parking lots in your parking reservations email and the designated pick up area where you will meet the driver of the free shuttle service. The shuttle service runs 24/7 ensuring there is always a free shuttle service available to you.

Valet Parking - JFK Airport Parking

Valet Parking JFK

Valet parking offers convenience to passengers. Instead of finding your own parking spot or carrying heavy bags from your car to the shuttle bus, you can now relax as someone parks your car for you at the parking you have booked. You will still drive to the airport parking lot, but instead of parking your own car, a lot attendant will meet you out front and park your car for you in the parking lot. After your car is parked, you can get on the shuttle taking you to the JFK airport. The provider offers luggage assistance and of course, it is a complimentary shuttle. After you arrive back from your journey, you will collect your bags and call the valet driver to pick you up. You can find the shuttle dispatch number and pick up point in your confirmation email. Once you are back at the parking lot, an employee will bring your car to you and you can continue your journey home.

JFK Long Term Parking

Parkos is the best choice for long term parking at JFK airport parking lots! We compare parking rates to bring lower, and more competitive prices. We created Parkos to offer passengers and travelers a better way to park their car on an airport parking. If you're looking for a long term parking at JFK or JFK short term parking, we have the right provider for you.

Compare between different parking providers

Compare different parking options at JFK airport: Instead of settling for the JFK long term parking or short term parking lot, you can look at our parking options and make a choice for the parking with your favorable parking needs. You will always get the lowest prices per day without compromising quality or accessibility. When choosing a provider, you also have options to choose outdoor uncovered parking lots, outdoor covered parking lots, or indoor parking lots. JFK long term parking or short term parking is very easy, and you can choose what JFK parking options you want.


Safety: We understand that you want your car to be parked safely for the short or long term that your car is staying at a parking near JFK airport, without having to worry. We evaluate the safety features of each parking lot during our personal inspections. Plus, the parking facilities around JFK airport have CCTV cameras. We work hard to make sure your car is in good hands with Parkos.

Plan your trip

Plan your trip: You can compare and make an online reservation for a short term or long term parking lot with one of our providers, getting a guaranteed spot. This way you won’t have to drive around the economy lot at JFK Airport parking, trying to find an available long term or short term parking space and being charged too much. Don't worry if your travel plans change, you can cancel your booking for free up to 24 hours in advance. Drive to the parking location with plenty of time, arriving 20 to 30 minutes before you’re due for check-in at New York’s JFK airport. Then if you get stuck in traffic, you’ll have time to spare. To help avoid any issues on the road, we recommend checking the traffic information including weather conditions and construction plans. Need help finding your way to one of our offsite JFK airport parking locations? Feel free to use our route planner to get driving directions.

Be sure to check out our extensive JFK Parking Guide!

JFK International Airport parking map

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