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The cheapest parking at Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport (MCO) is a bustling airport located 14.48 km (9miles) southeast of downtown Orlando, Florida. Nearby airports include Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) and Miami International Airport (MIA). Orlando Airport parking offers the best services and top-quality amenities. You can use Parkos to locate cheap and secure long term parking at MCO.

Orlando International Airport (MCO) parking Rates Long term Short term Tips FAQ

Orlando Airport provides parking that's cost-effective and convenient. Parking rates start from a minimum of $1/15 minutes to a 24-hour maximum of $19. Several off-site parking options are available at the airport too. With Parkos, you can find affordable parking options to manage your travel budget. You can spend as little as $6.50/day on parking!

Parking Week Day Transfertime Service
Best Rate Airport Parking (MCO) - - 6 Min Self-park
Flex Airport Parking $41.93 $5.24 6 Min Self-park
MCO Premium Airport Parking - Valet (MCO) $48.93 $6.99 - Valet Parking

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Prices are correct at the time of writing (July 2022).

The best Orlando International airport parking rates

Orlando airport parking rates include 20-minutes of free short-term parking; then you're charged $1.00/15 minutes. Economy Lots have a rate of $5.00 for 3 hours max. If you exceed this, daily rates of $10 apply. Long-term parking starts from $19.00/day.

Short-term parking at MCO is free for the first 20 minutes. For every 15 minutes, you are charged $1.00. That means that one hour costs $4.00. For extended stays, long term parking at Orlando airport is available.

MCO long term parking daily rates range between $19.00 to $25.00 per day. Off-airport long-term parking is cheaper, ranging from $10.00 to $17.00 per day. The long-term parking lots are located on Terminal Top Parking and Parking Garage A&B.

During the high season (July - September) parking prices tend to be higher due to high demand.

Orlando International airport cheap long-term parking

It's always a good idea to compare parking options at MCO. Short term parking at Orlando airport is available at any airport terminal lot. Compare the Parkos long-term parking rates to those charged for on-site MCO parking below. North& South Park Place Economy Lots charges $10.00/daily. Parking Garage C&B charge $17.00/daily. Prices were retrieved from Orlando Airport's official website.

On-airport Economy parking with shuttle

Economy lots at MCO off-airport parking are accessible for long-term parking. The airport can be reached using free shuttles.

Daily rate From
3 days $30.00
8 days $80.00
15 days $150.00

Off-airport Long Term Parking with shuttle

At MCO, the Self-parking option allows you to park yourself. A free shuttle service is available for transportation.

Daily rate From
3 days $13.47 -
8 days $35.92 -
15 days $67.35 -

Off-airport Long Term Parking with valet and shuttle

MCO offers valet service parking. If you wish to use it, a free shuttle will drive you to the airport.

Daily rate From
3 days $19.50 -
8 days $55.92 -
15 days $104.85 -

Off-airport Long Term Hotel parking

Various hotels and motels near MCO airport offer long-term parking options. Renaissance Orlando Airport Hotel, Sleep Inn & Suites Orlando International Airport, and Fairfield Inn Orlando Airport hotels have MCO parking packages available to travelers. In addition, the hotels offer a ton of amenities which include complimentary extended on-airport parking and airport shuttle service to the airport.

Daily rate From
3 days Coming soon
8 days Coming soon
15 days Coming soon

Orlando International airport affordable short term parking

Short-term parking lots are located at any of the terminal parking lots. Terminal Garage Parking A, B, C, Terminal Top Parking, and Economy Parking Lots offer short-term parking spaces. For the first 20 minutes, MCO offers parking for free. Rates of $4.00/hour start to apply after the free minutes are over. The rates can reach a max daily rate of $28.76.

First 30 minutes -
Each additional 30 minutes -
Daily rates $28.76

Orlando International airport smart parking tips

Are you experiencing restricted mobility? Is your car running out of charge, or are you dropping off somebody? Ensure you read the following parking tips to help you know your way around the airport. Also, don't forget to read our airport long-term parking reviews. Looking for the best routes to get to the airport parking? Please see our travel directions.

Restricted mobility parking

MCO offers free parking for those vehicles with a disabled veteran's plate or specialized equipment such as lifts. The accessible lots are located at Terminal Top Parking, Terminal Garage Parking (A & B), Garage C, and Economy(Satellite) Lots. Rates of $4.00/hour-$19/day are applicable.

Cell Phone Lots (drop-off & pick-up) at Orlando International airport

For pickup or drop off of passengers at Orlando International Airport, we recommend using the South and the North Cell Phone lots. The South Cell Phone Lot is located opposite Garage C. The North Cell Phone Lot is located at 5501 Cargo Road. Drivers should not leave the vehicle unattended.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The charging stations are located at Terminal B Parking Garage, Level 2, Row. Charging is provided for $0.12/kWh. Parking rates of $1.00 per 15 minutes with a daily maximum of $19.00 apply. The parking spaces are within a short walking distance of Terminal A&B.

Parkos offers top-quality, secure, and affordable parking, ensuring that you have stress-free travels.

Parking rates at Orlando International Airport

Parking provider Parking type Price per 8 days
Best Rate Airport Parking (MCO) Self-park | Outside -
Best Rate Airport Parking (MCO) Valet parking | Outside -
MCO Premium Airport Parking - Valet (MCO) Valet parking | Outside -

*Prices may vary depending on the dates you select, season, and arrival times. Dates here are from Su. 7/21/2024 to Mo. 7/29/2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Shuttle parking work at Orlando International airport?


    Parkos provides the best off-site Orlando Airport shuttle parking. If you are flying out of the Orlando International Airport (MCO) and looking for a secure parking spot within proximity of the airport, then look no further. Parkos provides reliable and low-cost off-site parking at Orlando International Airport. The shuttle parking with Parkos makes it convenient for travelers because all the parking spots are located close to the airport. All you have to do is to book parking at one of our parking areas in advance. Reach the parking area on the day of your flight and park your car. After parking your car, you can board a shuttle that will take you to the airport check-in point. The parking spot will even help you with your luggage. The shuttle service is available 24/7 every day of the year, so you won't have to worry about whether it will be available to you when you return from your journey. The shuttle service will take you back to the parking spot.

    Parking at the Orlando International Airport can be costly if you are using the airport's parking. Parkos provides you with low-cost parking and also ensures the safety of your vehicle because all the parking spots on our website are first physically examined before we put them on our website. The per-day cost of parking with Parkos is $4, while parking at the airport can cost you more than $10 a day. You save money by using Parkos services. Our goal at Parkos is to make long and short-term parking easier and less stressful for everyone. If you travel and park with Parkos frequently, you can get discounts. You can also book car care services like a car wash so that when you return from your journey, you'll find your car spotless and clean. In short, you just have to book your parking in advance and then reach the airport. Everything else will be taken care of by our parking providers, making it simple and convenient for you.


    Traffic information

    Orlando International Airport is six miles southeast of downtown and handled more than 50 million passengers in 2019, making it the tenth busiest airport in the country. MCO is a major international gateway, with over 750 daily flights on 36 airlines. Orlando International Airport is one of the largest commercial airports in the country. It is also close to the Universal Studios, Disney theme parks, and SeaWorld. With so many passengers passing through this heavily traveled airport, it's no surprise that finding a parking spot at the airport can be difficult. In addition, the traffic can cause unwanted delays for you. You can even miss your flight if you don't plan for traffic. Therefore, we recommend that you should first check the traffic conditions and plan your journey from home to the airport accordingly. When you book a parking space with us, you should first look at our facilities locations to make it convenient for you. We recommend that you reach the airport two hours early to avoid delays.


  • How does Valet Parking work at Orlando International Airport?


    Orlando airport is an extremely busy airport with hundreds of flights taking off and landing every day. In fact, because of this, it’s almost impossible to find available parking lots. And even if you do, it can be expensive. Therefore, we at Parkos have developed a perfect system for your parking problems by providing you with off-site Orlando Airport Valet parking service.

    Parkos provides an amazing Orlando valet parking service. Once you arrive at the airport, one of our trusted valet drivers will meet you. They will help you unload your luggage, and you can proceed to your departure gate. The driver will park your car in a safe parking lot, so you won't need to worry about your vehicle while you are away.


    Continue your journey

    After completing your booking online, you'll receive a confirmation email with details. On departure day, just drive to your agreed meeting point. Here, one of our trusted valet drivers will inspect your vehicle for any existing damages. This procedure will also be carried out on your return.

    Once the inspection has finished, you can hand over the keys to the valet driver, and they will take your car to the parking lot of your choice. While you are away, you can rest easy knowing your car is in safe hands. In fact, we only collaborate with trusted providers who can ensure the safety of your car.


    On return

    When you return from your trip, just contact the parking provider, and they will deliver your vehicle to the agreed-upon spot at Orlando international airport. You will receive your keys back and check there is no damage to the vehicle. Our friendly staff will help you with your luggage, and you can proceed with your onward journey.


    Advantages and disadvantages

    Here at Parkos, we make parking easy for you. All you need to do is arrive at the airport, and we will do the rest for you. We strive to offer the best services to you. Below, we have compiled a list of benefits and drawbacks of our valet service. Take a look and see whether this is the right service for you.


    Time efficiency. Going on a journey can be time-consuming. Therefore, we try to help you from the moment you arrive at the airport. Just drive up to the terminal, and we will park your car for you. That will give you more time to check in and get to your departure gate on time.

    Convenience. Our airport valet parking service provides comfort and convenience. In fact, once you arrive at the terminal, you can head straight to your check-in desk. No worries about having to walk long distances with your luggage or waiting for a shuttle. Just hand your car over to us and we will park your car in a safe place.


    Trust. Handing your car to another person may not seem like a good idea to everyone. However, at Parkos, we only collaborate with trusted off-site parking lots who provide a profession valet service. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing your car is in safe hands while you are away.

    Cost. Although our valet services are slightly more expensive than other services, there is an obvious reason for this. Apart from parking your car for you and picking you up, we make sure your car is safe and does not get damaged while you are away. We offer you an outstanding service with our off-site providers.


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