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FLL Airport Parking

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is located in Broward County, Florida, bounded by 3 cities; Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, and Dania Beach. Ft Lauderdale is often called the city of the Gold Coast. The airport is 3 miles from downtown Fort Lauderdale FL and serves the Greater Miami Area, or South Florida. Fort Lauderdale Airport, or FLL Airport, is very popular for travelers headed to the Carribean due to its close proximity. FLL Airport is a major base for Spirit Airlines while also being a focus city for a few low-cost airlines (see also Wikipedia). In 2018, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood handled over 35 million passengers, making it the third busiest airport in Florida, behind Miami Airport and Orlando Airport.

Passengers Ft Lauderdale

Year Amount
2013 23,559,779
2014 24,648,306
2015 26,941,511
2016 29,205,002
2017 32,511,053
2018 35,963,370

Fort Lauderdale Hollywood Airport has a variety of destinations available to passengers, flying to places such as Chicago Midway, Los Angeles Airport, Oakland Airport, San Diego Airport, San Francisco Airport, Atlanta Airport, and Newark Airport. Have an early morning flight and want to stay close to the airport? There are plenty of airport hotels for you to choose from like Holiday Inn, Rodeway Inn and Suites, and Hilton Garden Inn.

Airport parking can be stressful and expensive trying to find a parking space close to your terminal and paying $15 or more per day. That’s why Parkos was created! We wanted to offer easy, affordable parking options so travelers wouldn’t have to put up with FLL Parking. Parkos lets you compare and book parking locations near FLL Airport so you can reserve your space online today! We provide parking information such as location, daily parking rate, type of parking (self parking or valet parking), availability, and extra services offered. Our goal is to provide you with accessible, convenient options when looking for Fort Lauderdale airport parking.

Parking Reservations - Important information for FLL Airport Parking

Number of parking providers: 9 parking providers
Best Rated: Right Cars FLL Airport Parking
Cheapest: Days Inn by Wyndham FLL Airport Parking (NO SHUTTLE)
Closest to Airport: Right Cars FLL Airport Parking

Fort Lauderdale airport parking rates

By not being able to reserve a parking space to park at FLL, you risk ending up in the overflow lot and being far away from the FLL terminals. With the overflow lot being on the opposite side of the airport property, do you really want to rely on last-minute parking and trying to make your way to the terminal from this distant lot? Not to mention the overflow lot won’t have the same quality and security measures as the main garages at FLL. Pay less for better parking with our parking partners!

Location: Our parking partners are located within the city of Fort Lauderdale making the shuttle transport 15 minutes or less. The shuttles run 24/7 so you can always have transportation no matter the time of day with shorter wait times than the airport shuttle.

Quality: The parking lots and garages maintain a high standard of quality and offer services in addition to your reservation. You can choose extras to go with your reservation such as tire changes, car washes, and EV charging stations. Of course, the transportation both to and from the airport is a complimentary shuttle with luggage assistance.

Reviews: Our goal at Parkos is to make airport parking easier and more convenient for customers. We would love to hear from you and receive feedback so we can improve our services and keep our customers happy with their parking experiences!

Fort Lauderdale Longterm Airport Parking

Offsite parking providers offer options to travelers. You can choose the type of parking that works for you whether it's self parking, valet parking, short term parking, long term parking, indoor parking, outdoor covered parking, or outdoor uncovered parking. We are confident that you can find the right airport parking location for you when you look at!

Compare between different parking providers

Compare different parking providers: Research your parking options online to help you save money. You can see the proof in our prices when you compare our parking rates to the rates at Fort Lauderdale Airport, even the airport economy parking lot rates. By looking at different parking operators online, you can find the one that’s right for you.


Safety: Our Fort Lauderdale airport parking partners view the safety of your vehicle as a priority. They offer 24/7 personnel to keep an eye on your car as well as have lighted parking lots and CCTV cameras.

Plan your trip

Plan your trip: We encourage you to plan your trip and parking plans early. Comparing and booking FLL parking early can help you get a guaranteed parking space and cross one more item off of your trip’s checklist. Keep your confirmation email ready for check-in purposes. We advise you to arrive at the parking facility 30 minutes before check-in for your flight. Need directions? Use our route plannerto find the best route. Also make sure to check our FLL Parking Guide, in this guide you can find parking tips, fll parking rates and terminal parking information.

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