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Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is located in Phoenix, Arizona just 3 miles from downtown. The airport has a few different names including Phoenix Sky Harbor, Sky Harbor, PHX Airport, Phoenix Airport, and Sky Harbor Airport. Phoenix Sky Harbor is Arizona’s largest and busiest airport, and one of the largest in the United States. Sky Harbor Airport is also the 44th busiest airport in the world, coming in with over 44 million passengers in 2018. Sky Harbor serves as one of the hubs for American Airlines, with flights reaching over 100 locations in five countries.

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport has flights to other major hubs across the United States including Atlanta (Airport ATL), Dallas Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Orange County John Wayne Airport, San Francisco, Denver, and Chicago OHare. Looking for an airport hotel accommodation for your early morning flight? Phoenix has plenty of airport hotels on East Van Buren St for travelers to stay at such as Crowne Plaza Phoenix Airport, Hilton Hotel Phoenix Airport, and Radisson Hotel Phoenix.

PHX parking is inconvenient and expensive for travelers. The terminal parking garages and lots have parking prices between $10 and $30 per day. If you choose the cheaper options, then you have to walk to the airport terminal carrying your heavy bags or rely on the PHX Sky Train. Not to mention, you have to worry about finding a parking spot that is close to the terminal you need. Avoid the hassle and cost of parking at Sky Harbor with Parkos! Parkos is an alternative airport parking comparison platform that brings travelers more affordable, convenient parking. We give you details over each of our parking partners including location, availability, accessibility, parking rates, and method of parking (self parking or valet parking).

Cheap parking at Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX Airport)

Location: All of our partners are located near Phoenix PHX making the shuttle runs from your car to the airport terminal 10 minutes or less. We know travelers want a convenient way to park which is why we work exclusively with parking facilities that are close to the airport. It is a complimentary shuttle and the friendly shuttle drivers offer luggage assistance.

Quality: We want customers to have a high-quality parking experience without the high price tag. Parkos inspects each parking location thoroughly to guarantee the standard of quality and safety of the lots and garages. Some partners also go above and beyond to offer a more executive, personalized experience with amenities like car washes, tire changes, and EV charging stations.

Reviews: We love getting feedback from our customers. Parkos wants to hear about your parking experience so we can better serve you. After your parking reservation is complete, you will receive an invitation to leave a review for both Parkos and the partner you booked with.

The best Parking at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport PHX

Compare between different parking providers

Compare different parking providers: Comparing your parking options on Parkos can save you time and money. Don't settle and park at Phoenix, instead, you can find a better way to park by having choices at Parkos. Our partners offer different types of daily parking like indoor parking, outdoor parking, uncovered parking, covered parking, self parking, or valet parking.


Safety: Our partners offer safe parking facilities to give customers peace of mind. The parking lots and garages are gated and have CCTV cameras to keep your car secure.

Plan your trip

Plan your trip: We advise customers to compare and book ahead of time to get a guaranteed, reserved parking spot at their first-choice location. In case of traffic, we also advise arriving at the parking 20 to 30 minutes before your planned arrival time at the airport. For check-in, have your reservation confirmation ready. If you’re looking for the best way to get to the parking facility, feel free to use our route guide for directions.

Parking rates at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Parking provider Parking type Price per 8 days
Crowne Plaza (PHX) Self-park | Outside -
Holiday Inn & Suites Phoenix Airport North (PHX) Self-park | Outside -
Howard Johnson (PHX) Self-park | Outside -
Sundance Airport Parking (PHX) Self-park | Outside -
Sky Harbor Airport Parking (PHX) Self-park | Outside -
Sky Harbor Airport Parking (PHX) Self-park | Covered -

*Prices may vary depending on the dates you select, season, and arrival times. Dates here are from Su. 7/21/2024 to Mo. 7/29/2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Shuttle parking work at Phoenix Sky Harbor International airport?


    Having a car and finding a parking spot for it during your trip from Sky Harbor airport in Arizona, can take much of your time. Furthermore, the price of Sky Harbor parking has risen in recent years. Parkos offers flight passengers a convenient and cost-effective option for airport parking spaces. Although they don't operate within the airport, do operate around it, and only a short distance away. At Parkos, we compare long and short-term parking lots and parking facilities near Sky Harbor international airport to help you find the best parking spot. Our site provides comprehensive information on all available parking options. Parking spot locations, parking options (self-parking or valet), and real-time availability are among them. We will e-mail you directions to the parking lot if you book Sky Harbor shuttle parking with us. Upon parking with Parkos, you board a shuttle bus that will take you to the terminal. When you return to Sky Harbor airport, you wait for the shuttle to take you back to your car at the initial parking location.

    Parking near Sky Harbor airport is likely to be more costly than parking further away. The cost per day ranges from $10 to $30. When it comes to parking at Sky Harbor Airport, we offer a variety of discounts to our regular customers. We also have promotional offers for long-term parking. The more you use Parkos services to park your vehicle while traveling, the more likely you are to receive a discount, so travelers should consider particular parking sites to benefit from lower parking fees. Official airport parking at Sky Harbor airport is more expensive than Parkos shuttle parking. Most travelers prefer less expensive parking lots as long as they park safely, and Parkos excels in this area. Our goal is to make parking at Sky Harbor as simple and stress-free as possible for all passengers, irrespective of their travel plans. Because parking at Sky Harbor is always in demand, it's best to reserve your spot ahead of time to avoid the rush.


    Traffic information

    Typically, traffic congestion plays a significant role in determining how you'll proceed with your travel plans or whether you'll use the park and ride. It is frequently a determining factor in whether or not you will be able to catch your flight. The most convenient way to learn about traffic delays is to go online. Technology has advanced to the point where traffic can now be forecasted for the entire day, providing you with an idea of what to expect. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is four miles southeast of downtown. It is the largest and busiest airport in Arizona. Because domestic flights are always busy, the airport is usually crowded. The road leading to the airport can also be congested at times. As a result, traffic jams are common in the airport area. With that being said, you do not want to arrive at the airport and waste time looking for a parking spot. In this situation, Parkos is right there to help you out by providing convenient and dependable car parking services.


  • How does Valet Parking work at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport?


    When it comes to enjoying an easy and stress-free start to your journey, valet parking at Sky Harbor Airport is, without a doubt, the best option available. Here at Parkos, we provide you with the best valet parking near Sky Harbor Airport. Just drive to the airport and one of our trusted drivers will park your car for you.

    Once you have completed your reservation online, you will receive an email confirmation. On the day of your departure, drive to the airport terminal, where one of our drivers will meet you. Before you can proceed to check-in, our driver will inspect your car for any damage. Then, just hand over your car keys, and we will do the rest.


    Continue your journey

    When you arrive at the airport terminal, our valet service driver will greet you and help you unload your luggage. Then, after inspecting the car, you can continue your journey. You will not have to waste precious time looking for a safe parking lot or worry about getting to your terminal with your heavy luggage.

    While you are away, we make sure your car is well looked after. In fact, all our off-site parking providers guarantee top-quality services for both you and your car. Apart from providing you with a pickup and drop-off service, we also offer extra services. For example, upon request, we will wash your car, making sure it is immaculate for your return.


    On return

    The moment you arrive back in the country, one of our trusted drivers will meet you at the terminal. Together, you can carry out a quick check to make sure your car is in the same condition as when you arrived. Once you are satisfied with the condition of your car, you can continue your journey.


    Advantages and disadvantages

    Here at Parkos, we provide an easy and convenient valet parking service. Although there are many advantages, there may also be a few drawbacks for some people. So, to make things easier for you, we have listed all the pros and cons so that you can see for yourself.


    Time efficiency. When you are traveling, time is a crucial factor. Therefore, we make your journey straightforward from the start. Thanks to our valet service, you won't have to waste precious time looking for a parking lot. Just book online and drive to the airport terminal on departure day. We will park your car for you and take care of it while you are away.

    Convenience. Our valet parking service at Sky Harbor International Airport offers you comfort and convenience. It allows you more time to yourself while we take care of parking your car. In addition, you don't have to rely on public transportation or carry your luggage from the car lot because we do everything for you.


    Trust. We only collaborate with trusted off-site parking lots and drivers. In fact, we make sure all our partners offer the best services to make your journey as easy as possible. Although you may feel uncomfortable handing over your car to a stranger, we can guarantee it is in safe hands and will be well looked after.

    Cost. Valet parking is slightly more expensive than other services. However, there is a good reason for this. We provide you with a reliable pickup and drop-off service that allows you to start your trip without worrying about parking. In addition, we also offer extra services to help you start your journey well. So, next time you need to travel, leave the parking to us.


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