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Jeffrey Tuesday 20 August 2019

Were received well and quickly taken to the airport. Nice that the staff parked our car for us.

Anonymous Tuesday 20 August 2019

Straightforward website, booking was quick and easy!

Parking at Philadelphia Airport

You have just booked your plane tickets for a holiday or business trip. You will departure from Philadelphia Airport and the only thing you still need to organise, is a parking spot for your car. But how do you decide what the best parking spot is? It is generally known that when you want to park your car at one of the parking lots from the airport, it is very expensive. This is the main reason that you are searching for alternatives. Nowadays, there are many parking providers near by Philadelphia airport who have parking spots available for a lower price. As a reaction on these parking providers, Parkos has come into action. Parkos is a comparison website for different parking providers around Philadelphia Airport. After comparing between all the different parking providers, it is easy to choose the parking provider that fits your needs and wishes. You can make a reservation online right away. Besides being assured of the lowest price, you will also know for sure that there is a parking spot reserved for you.

Passengers Philadelphia Airport

Year Amount
2012 30,740,242
2013 30,504,112
2014 30,740,242
2015 31,444,403
2016 30,155,090
2017 29,585,754

Philadelphia International Airport, often referred to PHL, is a major airport in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This airport is the largest airport in the Delaware Valley region and in the state. The airport is located just outside of the city of Philadelphia. In 2014, Philadelphia International Airport had over 30 million passengers. De airport has 7 terminals, which in total contain 124 gates. It has 4 airstrips.

Of course, the airport features its own parking lots. It has a short term parking, a garage parking and an advantage aviator mastercard parking. Besides that, the airport also features an economy parking lot. Shuttle busses are driving to/from the terminals 24 hours every day. It is important to keep in mind that when you choose for parking at the parking lots from the airport, this will be much more expensive compared to the parkings from Parkos.

These days, the prices for flight tickets are becoming less and less expensive. This is a reason for airports to also lower the prices of the parking lots. With having this knowledge, entrepreneurs have come up with the idea to offer alternative parking lots, that are located just outside of the airport. The parkings are not located at the airport itself, but they are nearby the airport. The role of Parkos is to serve you a clear overview of all these parkings and to make it easy and simple to compare and make a decision for a parking.

Cheap parking at Philadelphia International Airport

It makes sense that nobody wants to pay too much for a parking spot at the airport. This is the reason that Parkos collaborates with many different parking providers around Philadelphia airport. But how is it possible that these providers are able to offer these low prices? The reason for this is because these parking providers do not have to deal with big management layers, expensive offices or unnecessary luxury. In this way, you will always take the advantage of lower prices compared to a parking option from the airport.

Location: All the parking providers that cooperate with Parkos are located nearby the airport. This means that the travel time from the parking to the airport is never longer than 15 minutes by shuttle bus. One of the most important advantages of having the parkings close to the airport, is that you do not need to drive unnecessary miles with your car. Besides that, you take the advantage of cheap rent lands. It is our responsibility thay when you make a reservation at one of our parking providers, it will always be cheaper compared to self parking at the airport.

Quality: When something is cheap, people often think that the quality is low. This is definitely not applicable to our parking providers. The parking providers are forced to keep their quality high as they can not lean on a famous name or continuous flow of cars. To distinguish themselves even more, the parkings often extra services. For example, you can add a car wash package to your reservation. For electric vehicles, there often is the possibility to load your car while you are travelling. The parking providers are aware of the fact that when customers are not satisfied, they will not come back. Because of this fact, you can expect a combination of low prices and an excellent service.

Reviews: After your reservation has ended, you will receive an invitation to write a review. We highly recommend the customers to write one. In this way, it will help us to improve our services. Besides that, the reviews are a reliable source. It is also a way to rank the parkings.

Shuttle parking at Philadelphia International Airport

Kies uw manier van parkeren

When you want to park your car at one of our parking providers, there are two options to choose from. The first one is called shuttle parking. This service implies that you will drive to the parking provider. In this way, you do not have to worry about busy roads around the airport. As soon as you have arrived at the parking, you, or an employee will park your car. After this, the shuttle bus will be ready to bring you to the airport. This shuttle bus is free of charge. The price that you see on our website, is the actual prices. You do not have to pay more when you arrive at the parking. When you come back from your trip, the shuttle bus will come to the airport and bring you back to the parking lot. From here, you can go back to your car and continue your journey homewards.

Valet parking at Philadelphia International Airport

Photo valet parking

If you prefer to have more comfort while parking, you can choose for valet parking. This service implies that you will drive to the airport instead of driving to the parking provider. As soon as you arrive at the departure hall, an employee from the parking provider will be waiting there for you. He will take over your car and you can immediately go to the check-in desk. The biggest advantage of this service is that you do not have to worry about an external location. Secondly, you do not have to take the shuttle bus to the airport. This will save a you a lot of time. When you come back from your trip, an employee from the parking provider will drive back your car to the arrival hall of the airport. The exact location of where you will meet the driver, depends per parking provider. This location will be communicated to you. In this way, you will be able to continue your journey homewards as soon as you step out of the arrival hall. Both of the services also offer extra possibilities. For example, it is possible to park your car indoor. Besides that, you can add extra car wash packages to your reservation. And in case that you have an electric vehicle, some parkings offer the possibility to load your car at the parking. It should be kept in mind that when you opt for these kind of services, you will have to pay a little more.

Long parking at PHL Airport

When you are looking for a parking place, you will definitely find the best parking providers at Parkos. The fact that we are constantly comparing our prices with the prices from the parkings at the airport and other parkings, guarantees that we offer the lowest prices. Furthermore, all the parkings are personally inspected by us. In this way, you can be sure that your car is parked at a parking provider that is safe and reliable

We would like to give you the following tips for parking at Philadelphia Airport:

Compare airport parking prices

Compare prices: Immediately compare between the different parking providers: when you make comparisons, it will definitely save you money. Our prices are the evidence. Instead of choosing for an economy parking lot from the airport, you should choose for one of our parking providers. You will always get the lowest price warranty.

Airport parking methods
Choose the way of parking you like:

When you choose to park your car with the shuttle service, you will drive to the parking provider immediately. Your car will be parked by you or by an employee from the parking provider. After this, you will be brought to the airport with a shuttle bus for free. When you return from your trip, the shuttle bus will be at the airport. This bus will drive you back to the external location where your car has been parked. This option is most of the time the best option to choose for when you want to park your car near Philadelphia Airport.

In case that you want to choose for valet parking, you will drive to the airport instead of to the parking. At the airport, an employee from the parking provider will be there to pick up your car. Upon returning from your trip, your car will be brought back to the airport by an employee from the parking provider.


Safety: It makes sense that you want your car to be parked safe and without any problems. The way how Parkos assures this, is the following. When Parkos inspects the parkings, they also check the safety of the parkings and their facilities. To make sure that your car is parked safely, check the different safety precautions that are done per different parking. Having this done, you will be able to travel with peace of mind. All the parking lots from our parking providers are 24/7 monitored.

Trip planning

Plan your trip: Before you go for long parking at Newark Airport, we advise you to plan your trip ahead of time. Even though you will not cross all the busy highways, it could happen that you will be get stuck in a traffic jam. Make sure to be up to date about the traffic information and plan your trip ahead of time.

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