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With 24/7 shuttle service, customers parking with the Penrose Hotel never have to worry about airport transfers. The shuttles run every 30 minutes at the top of the hour and at the half-hour (2:00, 2:30, etc). The drivers are insured and ready to help with your bags as you board the buses.

Note: The hotel is not responsible for any damage to guest cars. It is recommended that guests check the cars themselves before departure to avoid any misunderstandings at check-out. If there is any damage, customers must file a report with their insurance company as the hotel is not liable.

Penrose Hotel has secure and safe parking so travelers won't have to worry while they're away. The parking lot is gated and well lit, with security cameras and 24/7 staff monitoring the area.

Penrose Hotel Philadelphia offers luggage assistance, restrooms, waiting room, and vending machines for drinks and snacks while customers wait for the shuttle bus.

Going from Penrose Hotel to Philadelphia International Airport

Taking the shuttle to PHL
Upon arriving at the Penrose Hotel, customers must enter the lobby and check-in at the front desk. After checking-in, you may park your car and wait for the shuttle in the hotel's waiting room. Shuttles run every 30 minutes on top of the hour and the half-hour (ex: 2:00, 2:30, 3:00, etc). The friendly staff will be happy to assist you with your luggage when boarding the shuttle. The shuttle driver will then take you to Philadelphia Airport in less than 10 minutes.

If you are delayed with your return flight, the hotel will grant you up to 2 hours at no extra charge, however, you will need to pay if you are delayed for more than 2 hours. For any delay, please call the hotel to inform them you will be late and arrange a new pick-up time. Please Note: Customers will receive instructions for what to do upon their return from PHL Airport during check-in. Pick-up times are on-demand and shuttle service is 24/7.

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