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Find cheap parking at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

The Dallas-Fort Worth Airport (DFW) is 16 miles from Dallas and 12 from Fort Worth.. In 2019, the airport was the 10th busiest in the world regarding passenger traffic. The closest airports to Dallas Fort Worth are Dallas (DAL) and Waco (ACT). There are many different prices for Dallas Fort Worth airport parking options. There is Long term parking Dallas airport also available.

Dallas-Fort Worth Airport (DFW) parking Rates Long term Short term Tips FAQ

The following are the parking options available at the airport. Terminal — right for all terminals A-E. Valet — accessible at all terminals and several other spots. Express — Express North is near Terminals A+B and B, and Express South is across from Terminal E. Only Remote South is currently operational. Parkos offers the cheapest Dallas airport offsite parking. Book your space now on this website!

Parking Week Day Transfertime Service
Clarion Inn & Suites North (DFW) $36.00 $4.50 5 Min Self-park
DFW Airport Hotel & Conference Center (DFW) - - 10 Min Self-park
DoubleTree Dallas Airport North (DFW) - $8.00 5 Min Self-park
JoyPark Airport Parking (DFW) - - 10 Min Self-park
Red Roof Inn (DFW) $38.00 $4.75 5 Min Self-park
The Westin Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) - $7.99 5 Min Self-park

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Prices are correct at the time of writing (July 2022).

Best airport parking rates at Dallas Fort Worth International

People of Fort Worth and Dallas may have the NTTA TollTag when it comes to parking at the DFW airport. It is necessary to secure a TollTag account with a credit or debit card for you to use for parking at the airport. Parking tickets without a TollTag are offered at all “Ticket Only” lanes, or they can be reserved through prepaid parking. The cost of short-term parking at Terminal lots starts at $2 for every 30 minutes. (Take care not to park for less than 8 minutes; it will cost $6.) Daily rates for inexpensive DFW offsite parking start at $4.50. Various hotels offer parking spaces that come with a complimentary shuttle service.

During the high season (July - September) parking prices tend to be higher due to high demand.

Dallas Fort Worth International airport cheap long-term parking

The most practical parking choices are the Terminal lots, which cost $27 per day, or Valet Parking, which is offered at all terminals and costs $40. The Express lot costs $15 per day while the Remote lot is $12 for more affordable DFW long-term parking. With Parkobility's partners, daily rates for inexpensive DFW parking start at $4.50.Check out that airports website

On-airport Economy parking with shuttle

If you're looking for the most affordable option for long-term parking at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, look no further than Economy Parking. This lot is serviced by a free bus service that will get you to and from the airport terminals with ease.

Daily rate From
3 days $19.50
8 days $44.00
15 days $82.50

Off-Airport Long Term Parking with shuttle

You'll park your car yourself in one of our designated spaces, and then take advantage of our free shuttle service to get directly to your airport terminal. This is a convenient, cost-effective way to ensure that your vehicle is safe and sound while you're away on your travels.

Daily rate From
3 days $13.50 -
8 days $36.00 -
15 days $67.50 -

Off-Airport Long Term Parking with valet and shuttle

No more searching for a parking spot at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport! With valet service parking, the parking provider will park your car for you. A free shuttle will drive you to the airport terminal.

Daily rate From
3 days Coming soon
8 days Coming soon
15 days Coming soon

Off-Airport Long Term Hotel parking

Many hotels and motels in the area offer long-term parking options, with a free shuttle to the airport in most cases.

Daily rate From
3 days Coming soon
8 days Coming soon
15 days Coming soon

Dallas Fort Worth International airport cheap short term parking

If you simply remain for 8 minutes or less, parking at terminal spaces costs $6. But, if you remain for 8-30 minutes, it will cost $2. Parking at Express lots is $2 for two hours. There is free-of-cost parking at the South or North Cell Phone Lot but for those who want to pick someone up from the airport. Valet parking has a full-day charge of $40.

First 30 minutes $2.00
Each additional 30 minutes -
Daily rates $27.00

Dallas Fort Worth International airport smart parking tips

Do you need assistance with charging an electric vehicle that you own, have someone who needs to be picked up, or have mobility issues? Please examine the following recommendations, and don't forget to read DFW airport's long-term parking reviews from our customers. For more information and tips please see our DFW parking guide and DFW parking travel directions planner.

Restricted mobility parking

All garages and parking lots have designated disabled permit parking places that are clearly marked. Shuttle buses that can accommodate wheelchairs serve the Express and Remote lots. Additionally, you can phone 4-2527, speak to a parking attendant, or inform the bus driver that you require a wheelchair-accessible van.

Cell Phone Lots (drop-off & pick-up) at Dallas Fort Worth International airport

New cell phone lots in DFW were opened to relieve traffic and provide space for people waiting to pick up passengers Cell phone lots are free-of-cost and are a quick customer pick-up option. Although the space is free they have a two-hour parking restriction and vehicles must always have a driver in them.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The charging stations for electric vehicles are available at DFW in both Terminals E and A. The one-hour parking spaces in the garage are where you can find the charging outlets. As a free service, any Terminal Valet will recharge your car for you. Standard parking rates apply.

Parking rates at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Parking provider Parking type Price per 8 days
JoyPark Airport Parking (DFW) Self-park | Outside -
DoubleTree Dallas Airport North (DFW) Self-park | Outside -
DFW Airport Hotel & Conference Center (DFW) Self-park | Outside -
Red Roof Inn (DFW) Self-park | Outside -
Clarion Inn & Suites North (DFW) Self-park | Outside -
The Westin Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Self-park | Outside -

*Prices may vary depending on the dates you select, season, and arrival times. Dates here are from We. 6/19/2024 to Th. 6/27/2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Shuttle parking work at Dallas Fort Worth International airport?


    If you are looking for parking while flying out of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, then look no further. Parkos provides the best Dallas Fort Worth shuttle parking service. With Parkos, DFW airport parking with shuttle service is extremely easy. You just have to reserve a parking space on our website, and we'll provide you with shuttle details. Parkos provides the best off-site parking with a shuttle service. We can help you in saving time and money even before your journey begins with our low-cost parking service. On our website, you can compare parking prices at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and select from a range of alternatives. We work with airport parking service providers to provide both short-term and long-term parking lots around the airport. Our website has comprehensive details of all the parking providers we work with. When you arrive at one of our parking spots, our parking providers will assist you with your luggage. Then you can board a free shuttle service that runs every thirty minutes.

    Even though Dallas Fort Worth International Airport has its own parking lots, fees can be fairly high. Furthermore, there isn't enough space to accommodate a large number of travelers who use this airport on a daily basis. As a result, we've chosen to provide a solution by providing off-site parking for both short and long-term trips. We also provide complementary transportation from your parking location to the airport terminal. Our parking providers are all located within a few minutes from the airport. This ensures that you are never too far away. You can park your car anywhere you like, whether in a covered parking space or in an open parking lot. We also provide complementary transportation from your parking location to the airport lounge. Parkos provides you with affordable secure parking options, as well as a free shuttle service. So, regardless of whatever Dallas Fort Worth International airport parking service you choose, you can be certain that your vehicle is in good hands.


    Traffic information

    With so many vehicles on the roads these days, it is very difficult to arrive at the airport on time. The traffic can often create delays, so plan accordingly. Keep up to date on traffic conditions to avoid arriving late. According to Airports Council International, DFW International Airport was the country's second busiest airport in 2021. The single significant road is the International Parkway, which runs the length of the airport from north to south. This route connects all terminals, parking lots, and on-site hotels. When booking a parking space with us, we recommend exploring our locations and selecting the one that is best for your trip. We recommend that you arrive two hours before the flight to avoid any needless delays. Before coming to the airport, check the routes online and choose the least busy road to ensure that you reach on time. When you book with us, we will send you a GPS coordinate to assist you to plan your journey.


  • How does Valet Parking work at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport?


    Dallas/Fort Worth International airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. Because of the increasing amount of traffic, parking spaces can be hard to find. However, you need not worry. Here at Parkos, we help you find the best off site parking lots. Thanks to our DFW airport valet parking service, we have made parking simple.

    We are a parking comparison platform site and find the best solutions to ensure your car is parked safely. Just drive to the airport, and one of our trusted valet drivers will meet you at the terminal. From then on, we do the rest. We will help you unload your luggage and while you are checking in, we will park your car for you.


    Continue your journey

    Once you have made your booking online, you will receive an email confirmation for your payment. Just drive to the agreed meeting point, and one of our trusted valet drivers will be waiting for you. Together, you can inspect the car and then, once you have unloaded your luggage, our driver will take your car to a safe parking lot.

    Both our parking lots and drivers undergo regular stringent checks to ensure they offer the best services. That means that while you are away, we will look after your car and make sure it is returned to you in the same conditions as when you left it with us.


    On return

    Upon returning, one of our drivers will bring your car to your terminal. They will help you load your luggage and carry out a brief inspection of the car to ensure you are 100% satisfied it has not been damaged in any way. Once you are ready to go, you can proceed with your onward journey.


    Advantages and disadvantages

    Our valet parking services make parking stress-free. Here at Parkos, we strive to ensure all our clients receive the best treatment. We offer top quality services at affordable prices and aim to please clients by making their journey easy from the start. Look at our list of pros and cons to see if our valet parking suits you.


    Time efficiency. Travelling can always be hectic and finding a parking lot is time-consuming. However, you need not worry anymore. Just book our valet parking service, and we will help you save time. You won't have to worry about finding a parking lot or waiting for the airport shuttle. Just drive to the terminal, hand over your keys and head to check in.

    Convenience. Thanks to our efficient valet service, we will help you save time. That means you just book your parking lot online, and we will worry about everything else. Not only will we park your car in a safe place, but will also provide a car wash service should you require it.


    Trust. All our off-site parking lots and drivers guarantee top-notch services. We strive to be the best in the business and offer you the perfect solutions. With trusted drivers and safe parking lots, you can rest easy knowing your car is in expert hands with us. We will look after your car and ensure you are 100% happy with our service.

    Cost. Although valet parking is slightly more expensive, there is a good reason. We do all the hard work for you, ensuring you get off to a good start. In fact, all you have to do is book online, and we will take care of everything else. Therefore, look no further and let us take care of your car while you are away.


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