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The Best parking options at Raleigh Durham International Airport

Raleigh Durham International Airport (RDU) is North Carolina's major airport. The airport is between Raleigh and Durham, commonly known as the research triangle, and is easily accessible from both cities. Fayetteville Municipal (FAY) airport is 56.1 miles away, and Greensboro/High Point (GSO) airport is 76.6 miles away. Parkos provides the cheapest RDU parking options.

Raleigh Durham International Airport parking Rates Long term Short term Tips FAQ

The airport parking allows you to park your car for both long and short-term periods. RDU parking rates for daily long-term rates range from $11 for economy lots to $25 for Premier parking. Moreover, RDU hourly parking ranges from $1 per hour for Economy to $5 per hour for Express. Daily parking starts at $2 per hour for 24 hours. RDU also provides valet services.

Parking Week Day Transfertime Service
Cambria Hotel & Suites (RDU) $41.65 $5.95 6 Min Self-park
DoubleTree (RDU) - - 10 Min Self-park
Embassy Suites by Hilton (RDU) $41.65 $5.95 10 Min Self-park
Microtel INN & Suites (RDU) $55.60 $6.95 6 Min Self-park
Quality Inn & Suites (RDU) $70.00 $15.00 6 Min Self-park

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Prices are correct at the time of writing (July 2022).

Save Big: Raleigh Durham International Airport parking rates

RDU airport parking rates start at $1 per hour or $17 per day for Economy 3. Then there's the Central, starting at $3 per hour or $17 per day. Lastly, the Premier is $5 per hour or $26 per day.

Short-term parking fees for Premier, Central, and Economy 3 RDU parking are $5 per hour, $3 per hour, and $1 per hour, respectively. Other parking alternatives include RDU long term parking, and valet services.

Long-term off-airport parking with shuttle costs $5.75 daily and $40.25 weekly. However, daily and weekly parking prices for Premier, Central, and Economy 3 are $26, $17, $11, and $182, $119, and $77, respectively. It's cheaper than RDU short term parking.

During the high season (July - September) parking prices tend to be higher due to high demand.

Raleigh Durham International Airport long-term cheap parking

Parking options at RDU: the long-term parking near Raleigh-Durham International Airport will cost you $182 for Premier, $119 for Central, and $77 for Economy 3. Source: Although long-term parking can be expensive because of longer stays and an increasing number of passengers, Parkos enables you to compare different parking solutions and choose the one that best fits your needs.

On-airport Economy parking with shuttle

The on-airport Economy parking at RDU, famously known as the research triangle, comes with a free shuttle service.

Daily rate From
3 days $27.00
8 days $72.00
15 days $135.00

Off-airport Long Term Parking with shuttle

Similarly, self-parking at RDU also comes with a free shuttle service that will take you to the airport terminal.

Daily rate From
3 days $17.85 -
8 days $47.60 -
15 days $89.25 -

Off-airport Long Term Parking with valet and shuttle

You leave your car with the valet, and a free shuttle will drive you to the airport.

Daily rate From
3 days Coming soon
8 days Coming soon
15 days Coming soon

Off-airport Long Term Hotel parking

Currently, five hotels are offering long-term parking near Raleigh-Durham International Airport. These hotels include the Cambria Hotel and Suites, Double Tree by Hilton, Embassy Suites by Hilton, Microtel INN and Suites by Wyndham, and Quality INN and Suites. You'll need to self-park at the hotel, and they provide a free shuttle service to the airport.

Daily rate From
3 days Coming soon
8 days Coming soon
15 days Coming soon

Raleigh Durham International Airport cheap short term parking

The Premier and Central garages are located between Terminals 1 and 2. Premier costs $5 per hour or $26 per day and the Central parking costs $3 per hour and $17 per day. Moreover, the Economy 3 costs $1 per hour or $11 per day and is located near the I-40. There's a shuttle available to take you to the airport every 20 minutes.

First 30 minutes $1.00
Each additional 30 minutes -
Daily rates $11.00

Raleigh Durham International Airport Smart parking tips

Wondering where you'd charge your electric vehicle? Or how would you pick up somebody in case of restricted mobility? Please see the following tips and don't forget to read RDU parking reviews from our customers. Looking for the best routes to get to the airport parking? Please see our travel directions.

Restricted mobility parking

All the shuttles are universally accessible and all garages have restricted mobility parking spaces. However, there's no discount and prices start at $1 per hour for the cheapest Economy 3. There are 19 Premier, 138 Central, and 180 Economy 3 spaces with restricted mobility parking.

Cell Phone Lots (drop-off & pick-up) at Raleigh Durham International Airport

The free Cell Phone Lot is located near the I-40 with signs leading up to it. You can wait here while remaining in your car when you're picking-up or dropping-off somebody. When your passenger has collected their luggage, you can proceed to pick them up from the terminal entrance.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Several electric vehicle charging stations are available near the RDU airport. They're available just as you merge onto the US 70 or I-40. Moreover, the prices start from $0.24 per minute and vary depending on the charging company and membership plans.

Parkos brings affordable and secure parking solutions for airport parking all over the US.

Parking rates at Raleigh Durham International Airport

Parking provider Parking type Price per 8 days
Cambria Hotel & Suites (RDU) Self-park | Outside -
DoubleTree (RDU) Self-park | Outside -
Embassy Suites by Hilton (RDU) Self-park | Outside -
Microtel INN & Suites (RDU) Self-park | Outside -
Quality Inn & Suites (RDU) Self-park | Outside -

*Prices may vary depending on the dates you select, season, and arrival times. Dates here are from Su. 5/26/2024 to Mo. 6/3/2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Valet Parking work at Raleigh Durham International Airport?


    If you don't want to waste time finding a good spot for parking, valet parking is the best option for you. Parkos's Valet parking at RDU airport is undoubtedly the finest option for starting your well-deserved comfortable break away. With Parkos, you can reserve the best RDU valet parking from the comfort of your home.

    You need to book the parking in advance at our website. On the day of your flight, simply arrive at your designated meeting area and a valet parking service provider's trusted driver will greet you. And from there you can proceed on your journey without any worries.

    Continue your journey

    Upon arrival at the airport, your license plate number and automobile model will be used to identify you, which you provided while making a valet parking reservation. The employee will assist you with your luggage. In addition, you will thoroughly examine the vehicle for any damage in order to avoid any prospective problems.

    You can hand over the vehicle to the valet after the inspection. After the inspection, the valet will take your vehicle to a parking area. Your car will be secured in the parking lot while you are away on your trip. Parkos has evaluated these parking places for safety in order for you to travel without concern.

    On return

    When you return from your journey, you have to contact the parking provider and proceed to the prearranged meeting spot at RDU Airport. The keys to your car will be handed over to you there. Then you and the valet parking staff will inspect it together to make sure it's in the same condition. They'll even help you with your luggage.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Valet parking is easy and convenient for most people. However, it isn't for everyone, and some people may be skeptical. Parkos attempts to provide its customers with the best parking services possible. For this reason, we have compiled a summary of all the benefits and drawbacks of valet parking. You'll be able to decide whether it is the right option for you.


    Time efficiency. With valet parking, you don't have to waste time finding a good spot for parking. Additionally, valet parking allows you to save time by handing over your vehicle directly in front of the Airport gate and having it returned there immediately at your return. In this way, you don't have to waste time on shuttle service.

    Convenience. You won't have to worry about finding a parking spot or carrying your baggage because you'll be taken directly to your terminal's door with airport valet parking. Furthermore, you are not reliant on shuttle parking, making access to RDU Airport simple. Valet parking is a fantastic convenience that ensures a stress-free commute.


    Trust. You will be able to see images of the parking lot while booking the service. However, you don't know where exactly your car will be parked. For this, you'll have to trust the parking provider. It is not easy to trust someone you don't know, which is why Parkos inspects parking spaces thoroughly before listing them on the website.

    Cost. Valet services are more expensive than normal parking services due to the extra services that they provide such as pick and drop, parking your car, and taking care of your car in your absence. However, this cost can be justified as it saves your time and provides you with maximum convenience.

  • How does Shuttle parking work at Raleigh-Durham International airport?


    Parkos offers the most convenient off-site Raleigh Durham International Airport shuttle parking. If you are flying out of Raleigh Durham Airport (RDU) and need a safe parking spot close to the airport, look no further. Parkos offers dependable and affordable off-site RDU parking. In addition, Parkos shuttle parking makes it convenient for travelers because all parking spots are close to the airport. All you have to do is reserve parking in one of our lots ahead of time. On the day of your flight, arrive at the parking area and park your car. After parking your car, you can take a shuttle to the airport check-in counter. The parking lot attendant will even assist you with your luggage. The shuttle service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so you don't have to be concerned about the shuttle's availability. Furthermore, the shuttle service will be available to you when you return from your trip. The shuttle service will return you to your parking spot.

    If you use the airport's parking, parking at RDU can be expensive. Parkos offers low-cost parking while also ensuring the safety of your vehicle because all parking spots on our website are physically inspected before being listed on the website. Parking with Parkos costs less than parking at the airport's parking lots, and using the service saves you money even before your journey begins. Parkos' goal is to make long and short-term parking more convenient and less stressful for everyone. You can even get discounts if you travel and park with Parkos frequently, and discounts are also available on long-term parking. Additionally, you can schedule car care services such as a car wash so that when you return from your trip, your car will be spotless and clean. In short, simply reserve your parking ahead of time and then travel to the airport. Our parking providers will take care of everything else. They'll help you load and unload your luggage, provide you with shuttle service, and take care of your car.

    Traffic information

    Raleigh Durham International Airport, located 4.5 miles(7.24 kilometers) from downtown Morrisville, is a major airport in North Carolina. RDU Airport serves the cities of Durham and Raleigh, as well as Chapel Hill, and thus sees a high volume of passengers. Delta Air Lines and Frontier Airlines both have significant presences at RDU, which serves nearly 70 destinations. As a result, the airport is always packed with passengers. The roads leading to the airport are extremely busy most of the time. Therefore, we recommend you should plan ahead of time before traveling to the airport from your home. Planning for rush hour traffic can save you from unwanted delays. Look for traffic news and search online for the busy roads and plan accordingly. When you book parking with us, we provide you with a GPS location for our parking facility to facilitate it. We recommend that you reach the airport two hours early, as this will ensure that you don't miss your flight due to traffic.

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