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When you fly from Newark Airport, you want to get to the airport in the easiest way possible. Take the car and park in the parking lots of Park2Go Newark, close to the airport. Park2Go Newark offers many different extra facilities such as Car Care, Car Wash, and a 24-hour on-demand shuttle service. Your car is safely parked with this indoor and secure parking facility. Travel carefree and park at Park2Go Newark Airport!

The parking facility of Park2Go Newark is located 1 mile from Newark Airport. You are at the airport within minutes with the 24-hour shuttle service, an ideal solution. In addition to the shuttle service, other options can be booked with your parking reservation, such as car wash, interior or exterior cleaning, and oil change. There are no additional costs for large cars. Please check your confirmation email for contact information and check the tab ‘Accessibility’ for more information about the shuttle service.

Park2Go is a covered parking facility. There is security so that your car is parked safely. The parking area is also gated. Make sure you are at the parking lot of Park2Go Newark more than two hours before your flight.

The shuttle service runs on demand to and from the airport, 24 hours a day. Other services that Park2Go offers are car care, car wash, valet, interior or exterior cleaning, oil change, and free cancellation. The parking facility is accessible for wheelchair users.

24 hours on demand to and from the airport

Park2Go is behind the Seaport Diner entrance. It is .01 miles down on the right side at 780 Dowd Avenue. 

No bike racks or hitches allowed. Attendant will ask to remove it in order to proceed with check in.

If you cannot remove it, you may not be allowed to park or you are subject to $15 per day extra charge.

Airlines suggest arriving at airport 2 hours preflight; be sure to arrive at parking location before this 2 hour window.

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