Aladdin Airport Parking (SAN)

About Aladdin Airport Parking (SAN)

The most pleasant way to get to the airport is in your car. When you travel from San Diego International Airport, Aladdin Airport Parking is a good option to park your car. This is an indoor parking lot and is located minutes from San Diego Airport. Aladdin Airport Parking offers many facilities to make your parking experience better. You can book a convenient parking space at Aladdin Airport Parking San Diego via Parkos.

With the location almost next to San Diego International Airport, Aladdin Airport Parking is a suitable option to park your car near the airport. Aladdin Airport Parking is on service 24/7 and also offers free shuttle options to get to the airport. The professional service includes transportation to and from San Diego Airport and luggage assistance.

Aladdin Airport Parking is an indoor parking garage and is secured so that in this way your car is safely parked. There is expanded security and surveillance on location.

The parking facility is well-lighted 24/7, there is a free shuttle service, you receive real-time travel and shuttle notifications. It is possible to use electric vehicle charging stations. There is also a beverage station.

24 hours every 8-10 minutes and on demand. 

Upon entering the Aladdin Airport Parking Facility, you will need to pull a ticket from the entry ticket machine. Proceed to the valet-baggage drop off area and drop off your passengers and luggage. Then proceed to park your car and return to the lobby-shuttle loading zone and hop on the next bus to the airport or cruise ship terminals. Shuttle bus leaves every 8-10 minutes. 

Upon return from trip: Before exiting the parking facility, you will need to checkout at the garage office. You will need to provide both your reservation printout and the ticket that you pulled upon entering the structure. At this time, you will be required to pay the balance of your reservation. If you lost your entry ticket, it is required to provide proof of travel dates.

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