Orangewood Inn & Suites (MCI)

About Orangewood Inn & Suites (MCI)

Orangewood Inn & Suites is located just minutes from Kansas City International Airport. This hotel provides a parking lot as well as parking spaces for visitors searching for airport parking near Kansas City International Airport. As a result, it is an excellent site for parking your vehicle. You can swiftly go to and from the airport with the free shuttle service. Take advantage of Parkos' ease and reserve your parking place at Orangewood Inn & Suites Kansas City Airport today.

Orangewood Inn & Suites, located only minutes from Kansas City International Airport, provides a complimentary airport shuttle service with online booking. There are no additional fees for full-size vans, pickup vehicles, or large SUVs. No hotel room reservations are required to park in the parking lot of Orangewood Inn & Suites Kansas City Airport. The parking lot is also accessible for wheelchair users.

We advise you that you reserve extra time to take the shuttle service to the airport. Then you can be sure to be on time for your flight. The parking lot at Orangewood Inn & Suites is monitored by a front desk whose staff is present 24/7.

There is a shuttle service available to take you to and from the airport. In addition, the parking lot of Orangewood Inn and Suites Kansas City Airport is easily accessible for wheelchair users.

The airport shuttle runs from 4:20 AM until midnight. Complimentary shuttle includes one trip to and one return trip from the airport. Additional trip will incur additional charges. 
For shuttle pick-up on your return, only call 816-464-2423 once baggage are in hands.
No shuttle from 12:01 AM - 3:59AM

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