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When you fly from Cincinnati Airport, you can park your car in the parking lot of Hilton CVG. The Hilton CVG parking lot has parking spots available for the Cincinnati airport travelers. Here you can park easily and quickly and then take the shuttle to the airport. So, are you looking for a suitable parking space at the airport of Cincinnati? Then choose Hilton CVG and book today via Parkos.

Upon arrival you must check in at the Hilton CVGhotel. Then you can take the shuttle to the airport. It is also possible to be picked up from the airport, but you must contact the front desk for this. You will find current information about the shuttle under 'Accessibility'. There are no extra charges for full-size vehicles and pick-up trucks for example, 18 Wheeler trucks are not allowed. Special conditions: because of COVID-19, customers must wear a mask to enter the hotel and also on the shuttle.

Arrive at the parking lot on time, at least over two hours before your flight is due. Your car is safely parked with the 24/7 presence of staff.

Use the shuttle service for extra convenience. You can cancel your reservation for free. The parking lot of Hilton CVG is accessible for wheelchair users.

Upon Arrival at the parking location:
  1. Please go inside the hotel to check in upon arrival
  2. Hilton Shuttles run 24 hours with a shuttle departing the hotel on the hour and half hour and are punctual
  3. If you are unsure about where to park, please inquire at the hotel front desk
  4. Please do not park in the Rafferty’s parking lot as your car could be towed

To get the shuttle from the airport:
  1. Call the hotel for shuttle pickup once you have gotten your baggage 859-371-4400
  2. After baggage claim please follow signs to ground transport West - ZONE 3
  3. Please allow up to 30 minutes for the shuttle to arrive at the airport after you have called the hotel. If you are not waiting in the correct spot, there could be a longer shuttle wait
  4. Please call the hotel if you are unsure about the pickup location: 859-371-4400
  5. Shuttles leave on time. 
Keep in mind that Hilton shuttles are punctual

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