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Cheapest Parking at LAX International Airport

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Cheapest Parking at LAX International Airport

Getting ready for a flight out of LAX International Airport? Knowing your parking options is an important part of planning your trip. If you’ll need short-term parking to be dropped off, or longer parking that’s days or weeks long, you’ve come to the right place.
Below, we’ll give you details on the best options for you. After all, no one wants to pay more than they need to for parking. But, you also want to make sure the parking is in a safe and convenient location. So, let’s get started.

Understanding the Parking Landscape at LAX

Considering there are 6 airports in Los Angeles, including John Wayne Airport and Hollywood Burbank Airport, It’s important to be aware of which parking options are closest to LAX.

The good news is that Los Angeles International Airport offers a variety of parking facilities, both on-site and off-site. On-site parking, such as the Economy Parking Lots and Central Terminal Area Parking Structures, provides convenience but can be costly.

It’s a good idea to use these if you need to park for a short time in order to pick up or drop off someone. With this in mind, it’s clear that it’s not really advisable to use this parking for a full day or more. Rather look at the cheaper, long-term parking options.

This is where off-site parking comes in. Because it’s a bit far from the airport’s terminals, the rates are usually much cheaper. Look out for offers that include shuttle services to the airport terminals. That way, you don’t have to worry about walking long distances with luggage.

LAX Parking Price Structure

To give you an idea of what to expect, onsite parking fees are as follows:

  • Free parking for up to 15 minutes
  • $7 for the first hour
  • $6 for every 30 minutes after the first hour

For cheaper rates, check for Economy Lots. These offer rates of:

  • $7 for the first hour
  • $5 for 30 minutes after the first hour.

If you’re looking for daily parking rates, the maximum daily rates reach up to $50, with the Economy Lots providing a cheaper max rate of $30 daily.

What are the long-term parking rates at LAX?

One of the cheapest long-term parking options at LAX is Travelodge by Wyndham LAX South (LAX). It offers a weekly parking rate of $95.60 and a daily rate of $11.95. This is a great deal when you compare it to Ramada Plaza Hotel (LAX) which offs a weekly parking rate of $160 and a daily rate of $20.

Both these options allow you to park your car on their premises, then you can take the shuttle to the airport. The transfer time is 4 minutes for Travelodge By Wyndham and 7 minutes for Ramada Plaza Hotel.

take the shuttle to the airport.

Do Parking Rates Change Throughout the Year?

LAX parking rates change according to the season. When there are more flights, such as during the summer season or during the December holidays, parking rates increase. The parking rates are lowest in March and April when there’s not much traveling from flight passengers.

During high-demand periods, parking can be up to $8 per hour. However, in lower demand periods, parking is around $5 per hour.

So, you should take the above into consideration when budgeting for parking before your flight. Don’t be surprised to see different rates based on demand or lack thereof. Read this blog to know more about the busiest travelling times of the year.

Tips for Saving on LAX Parking Costs

We all want to minimize parking expenses as much as possible. Especially if you plan on parking for a long period of time. So, to reduce parking expenses at LAX, consider the following tips:

  • Timing: Be aware of peak travel seasons and plan accordingly to avoid higher rates. Also, the time of day may also influence parking rates. Early mornings are more likely to be expensive compared to mid-afternoon, for example.
  • Book in advance: The sooner you book the parking spot, the better. Your rates may be cheaper if you make the payment weeks or even months in advance.
  • Duration: Remember, you’ll spend less on a weekly rate than on a daily rate. So, make sure you’re aware of how long you need the parking spot and what the cheapest option would be.
  • Electric car parking and charging: If you drive an electric car, you might as well leave it charging while parked. Pick an EV Terminal parking spot on the second floor of the Economy Parking Lot. Charging fees start at $0.4/kWh. The best part? Parking rates start at $2.00 with a maximum daily rate of $11.00. Also, the EV charging stations are open 24/7.