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Is EV Charging Available at US Airports?

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Is EV Charging Available at US Airports?

Here at Parkos, we bring you all the latest news about airport parking, as well as the best parking offers from all providers. Read on to find out more about airport EV charging.
If you own an electric vehicle, you know that finding a charging point is always a concern. When taking a trip, you need to be sure that your car will be fully charged on your return. While many airports now offer electric vehicle charging stations, not all are up to speed with airport electric vehicles charging.

How Can I Find Out Which Airports Offer EV Charging?

If you check out our listings here at Parkos, we detail electric vehicle charging station facilities where they are available. Airports with EV charging points on-site include Portland International Airport (PDX) which was leading the way back in 2015, and Los Angeles Internation (LAX). Los Angeles is on track to increase its airport EV charging stations to 1,300 points, making it the leading US airport today.

Parkos provides a comparison of all the airport parking options, including valet parking, shuttle parking, and hotel parking. Choose the service that suits your budget and needs on a particular trip. You will find that Parkos offers the best value for money parking at all the airports we operate from.

How Much Does Airport EV Charging Cost?

The answer is a bit complicated. To find the best deal you need to look at the total cost of parking and charging. While some airport parking lots may add an electric car charging station cost to your bill, many include charging as standard.

Parkos provides you with a quote for the full cost of parking at our partner parking lots. So, use our search facility to find the best deal on the parking options you need. Some airport valet parking services can also provide EV charging.

It’s also worth checking out our stay and fly options, where you can leave your car at a nearby airport for the duration of your trip. Many hotels now have charging facilities available, so you can be sure that your EV will be fully charged on your return.

Can I Book An Airport EV Charging Station?

Right now it’s a bit hit-and-miss whether a station will be available. Some airports only offer a few electric car charging stations and it isn’t always possible to book. If you need an AV charging point, contact our customer service department and we will try to secure a place for you. Where a booking is available, you should find all the information you need in our listings.

Electric car charging spots at the airport

Which US Airports Have The Most EV Charging Stations?

While some airports have charging available in their official parking lots, it’s also worth checking out other options nearby. Sometimes local parking lots are ahead in terms of available facilities.

It’s fair to say that US airports have fallen behind in facilities for EV charging, but they are making the effort to catch up. Many US airports have plans to rapidly expand their number of electric vehicle charging stations in 2023. It is hoped that by the end of 2023, the US may be catching up with European airports.

Expansion of EV Charging

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has 1300 new EV charging stations on order and many other airports are following suit. Albeit on a smaller scale, La Guardia Airport plans to install 10 fast charges. Boston Airport also has 26 charging stations with additional capacity expected to be added soon.

How To Choose Airport EV Charging

It can be difficult to know which parking and charging offers are the best. It’s worth bearing in mind that the best offer depends on your situation. For instance, if you are going away for a few days or weeks, you don’t need to pay for rapid charging facilities. A slow charge will do just as well.

If you need to stay in an airport hotel before departure, it may make sense to use their parking facilities. You may need to contact them directly to request an EV charging station. If your chosen airport has only a few charging stations, valet parking may be the answer. Your car can be up charged for your arrival without taking up a charging spot for your whole stay.

Where to Find Information About Airport EV Charging

While the official airport site will give you the required information about on-site parking lots, they don’t carry information about other nearby offers. Searching on Parkos gives you all the options. We list parking facilities at airport hotels, official airport parking, and independent parking lots near the airport. For the most comprehensive list of options avail of our search facility. And remember to take into account the total cost of parking and charging when making your choice. Lots that offer free charging can be a great deal.