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Tips For Travelers With Disabilities or Reduced Mobility

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Tips For Travelers With Disabilities or Reduced Mobility

Regardless of one’s skills, everyone should be able to enjoy travel. It may seem challenging to travel with a disability, but it is not. Particularly if you have a practical plan for traveling with such a disability. Traveling with disabilities can also be feasible. You can go on a fun vacation with some good planning and preparation. This article provides some essential tips and advice for travelers with disabilities.

Plan Ahead

There is nothing that you can’t resolve with a bit of planning. Undoubtedly, disabled travelers can avoid problems and have a fun vacation if they plan a little ahead.

With the growth of the travel industry, disabled people now have more services available. However, some service providers may need a little time to complete preparations.

Let the travel agency know in advance what you require for the tour and hotel. Every service provider might not be able to grasp the medical words for some disorders. So be very explicit and specific when describing your disability.

If you provide them with more information, the better accommodation you’ll be able to get. Give the service provider a call a few hours before arriving to ensure everything is ready. Thus, you won’t have to face any problems when you get there.

Moreover, if you require particular medications, it is advisable to bring a sizable quantity of them. Also, make sure to request your airlines in advance for any travel help. Airlines now also have wheelchair accessible areas.

Nowadays, there is also parking for the disabled with signs. Look for a wheelchair sign to find the reduced mobility parking (PRM). You can also find a wheelchair car in the parking that will take you to the airport terminal.

Do Some Research

Search on the Internet to find out about your destination and hotels to find the best service for you. Many travel firms specialize in supporting their customers who are traveling with reduced mobility. Make sure with them that your destination has the necessary accommodations for someone like you.

Find out whether your necessary prescription will be accessible at the destination. Search for the names of doctors and their contact information at the places you are traveling. This will help you know the availability of doctors there.

You may find a wealth of information online by conducting a simple search. Ask for advice for destinations from travel agencies that provide services to disabled persons.

Enjoy Yourself and Explore the Possibilities

Travel can have risks, but everyone faces them. With the popularity of accessible travel agencies, more services are available to meet the needs of the disabled. Even though this is the case, you shouldn’t take any excessive risks.

Talk to your doctor in advance about your plans. So they can advise you on your medical condition and what to avoid. Always have your medical attention information with you all the time.

If you follow all the above suggestions and complete the necessary research, you can have a fun vacation. You will know that there are a great number of experiences available for you to thrive in. So go ahead and book that adventure you’ve been longing for.

Enjoy your vacation! Today’s most well-liked tourist destinations, cities, and airports have been designed to meet the demands of visitors with limited mobility.

disabled people parking sign

Parkos’ Considerations for Persons with Disabilities

Most of the parking providers at Parkos feature spaces that are accessible to persons with disabilities. Unfortunately, some parking companies still do not provide disabled parking. offers shuttle, valet, and hotel parking to disabled customers with several additional facilities.

On each provider’s profile page on our website, you can verify parking alternatives for physically challenged individuals. To obtain this information, scroll down to the “rating” area of the parking profile and check the “location” sub-section.

You should choose auto valet parking if there is no disabled parking service. Besides, if you have a disability parking permit, it can be very useful for you. It can help you park your car for a set period free of charge at handicapped-accessible parking.

The majority of airports have wheelchairs and other services designed with impaired travelers in mind. Additionally, you can ask for personal assistance and/or rent a wheelchair at the airport when you need one.

Just let the airport or airline personnel know in advance, so assistance will be available when you arrive. You can find accessible parking at the majority of US airports. However, the most popular are JFK International Airport and Phoenix Sky Harbor.