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The 10 Airports With The Most Expensive Parking Fees Worldwide

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The 10 Airports With The Most Expensive Parking Fees Worldwide

Airport parking is generally known to be quite expensive. When budgeting for a trip, people need to take this cost into their budgets. But, parking prices differ from airport to airport. These fees can be influenced by how busy the airport is or the economic stability of the country.
Whatever the reason, below, we’ll explore the 10 most expensive parking fees in the world. This list is based on a study by the Driver Education platform Zutobi.

The 10 Airports With The Most Expensive Parking Fees Worldwide

Hamad International Airport ($279/Week)

Home to Qatar Airways, this is one of the world’s busiest and biggest airports. Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar, is located in the Middle East, a great location for connecting flights to anywhere in the world.

Passengers will be glad to know there are several parking options available. These include premium parking services as well as both short-term and long-term parking.

London Stansted Airport ($264/Week)

Located in Essex, London Stansted Airport (STN) is the fourth-busiest airport in the UK. Despite the high parking fees, its location makes it a popular choice for low-cost flights and easy access to destinations throughout the UK and Europe.

Through Parkos, you’ll find short-stay parking lots that are only 2 minutes away from the terminal. You’ll also find longer-term parking sports are up to a 20-minute shuttle drive away. Valet parking and premium parking services are also available for passengers who prefer a more convenient parking option.

Abu Dhabi International Airport ($229/Week)

Another busy airport in the Middle East makes it onto this list. Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) brings in flights to the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi.

The airport also offers an online parking booking system. It allows passengers to reserve their parking spot in advance and avoid the hassle of finding a spot upon arrival. This is very convenient when you consider how busy the airport gets.

Barcelona El Prat Airport ($212/Week)

Serving the city of Barcelona in Spain, El Prat Airport is the second-busiest airport in Spain, after Madrid-Barajas Airport. The airport serves as a hub for several airlines. These include Vueling and Ryanair which offer flights to destinations throughout Europe, Africa, and the Americas.

Long-term parking is a popular option for travelers because it helps to limit parking fee expenses. Several options are available, including shuttle parking and valet parking.

Logan International Airport ($203/Week)

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Logan International Airport (BOS) is the largest airport in New England. Several airlines fly out from the airport, including JetBlue and Delta Air Lines.

There are many Logan Airport Terminal Parking garages available for you. Use Parkos to find the option that’s cheapest for you, especially if you’re looking to park for several days. Also, look out for complementary services such as car jump-starting, checking tire pressure, and so on.

Zürich Airport ($201/Week)

Swiss International Air Lines operates out of Zurich Airport, located in Switzerland’s capital. It’s one of the busiest airports in Europe with regular flights to destinations throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

Passengers are encouraged to book their parking spot in advance because it’ll save them both time and money. Also, the entrance to the car park is contactless via a QR code.

Denver International Airport ($196/Week)

Other than being the fifth-busiest airport in the USA, Denver International Airport (DEN) is physically the largest airport in the USA. Several American airlines fly from this airport, including United Airlines and Frontier Airlines.

Both onsite and offsite parking is available for booking through Parkos. Obviously, onsite parking is more expensive than offsite parking. So, choose an option that’d best suit your circumstances.

Paris-Orly Airport ($186/Week)

Besides the well-known Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, there’s also Paris-Orly Airport (ORY). It’s the second largest airport in Paris with airlines such as Air France and Transavia France flying out from ORY.

There are over 13,800 parking spaces available at ORY airport. This excludes subscription parking spaces for frequent travelers.

London-Gatwick Airport ($182/Week)

As the second-busiest airport in the UK after London Heathrow Airport, it makes sense that London-Gatwick Airport (LGW) makes it onto this list. LGW serves as a hub for several airlines, including easyJet and British Airways.

Remember to check out the hotel and parking package. You can save on parking fees if you need to sleep close to the airport when you have an early flight the next day.

Singapore Changi Airport ($178/Week)

The Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) is the main hub for many Asian airlines such as Singapore Airlines, SilkAir, and Scoot. SIN has some of the best facilities in an airport in the world. Also, customer service has been rated highly over many years.

It’s important to know that parking fees vary depending on the day of the week and whether it’s a public holiday. Also, while some airport parking fees are per hour, SIN parking is charged per minute.