Travel directions to parking providers near Dallas Love Field Airport

On this page, you can plan your trip to the parking location near Dallas Love Field Airport.

Address information

Dallas Love Field Airport

8008 Herb Kelleher Way
75235 Dallas
United States

Traffic Information:

Reaching Dallas Love Field International Airport by DART is cheap but not always easy or accessible depending on where you live. You could get to the airport by taxi or a ride-sharing service, but these can be expensive or inconvenient for your schedule. The most comfortable and convenient way to reach Dallas Love Field is by driving yourself. To save money when driving to the airport, search and reserve Love Field Airport Parking via Parkos.

When heading to DAL Airport, you can input the following address into your GPS: 8008 Herb Kelleher Way, Dallas, TX 75235.

As you near Love Field airport, follow the posted signs to reach your terminal.

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For normal weather and traffic conditions, you can estimate the following travel times:

Dallas -> Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL) 7.8 miles/ 0:15 hours
Irving -> Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL) 9.7 miles/ 0:18 hours
Plano -> Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL) 20.2 miles / 0:25 hours
Waco -> Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL) 101 miles/ 1:37
Wichita Falls-> Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL) 183 miles/ 2:45 hours

On the road information:

Before beginning your drive to the airport, it's adivsed that you check the following:

  • oil
  • coolant
  • tire pressure
  • lights

Inspecting your car before driving to Love Field airport, you can avoid any unexpected issues or breakdowns during your trip. Looking at the weather and road work updates before your trip can help you in planning how long your drive may take, helping you get to the airport on time.

Maximum Speed

Please keep in mind that speed limits may change depending on which area you’re driving through, or if there is construction. We advise following the below speed limits unless indicated otherwise on the road:

  • Highway: 70 mph
  • City Limits: 15 to 45 mph
  • Back Roads: 55 mph

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