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Directions to Boston Logan International Airport

On this page you can plan your trip to Boston Logan International Airport. Here are also useful tips for driving through United States by car.

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Boston Logan International Airport
1 Harborside Dr United States
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  • Traffic information


    Traffic Information:

    Travelers can easily get to Boston Logan Airport by car or public transportation. Public transportation is cheaper than parking at the airport, however, it's not usually the most convenient. Driving to the airport is the easiest option, as you have the comfort and convenience of driving your own car. To save money when driving yourself to the airport, you can book Boston Logan Airport parking via Parkos.

    Boston Logan Airport is 3.7 miles from Boston’s city center. When using a GPS, you can plug in the address as Boston Logan International Airport, Boston, MA 02128.

    Once you arrive at the airport, follow the signs posted to find your departure terminal.

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    Under normal weather and traffic conditions, you can expect the following travel times:

    Cambridge -> Boston Logan Airport (BOS) 8 miles/ 0:13 hours
    Malden -> Boston Logan Airport (BOS) 10.2 miles/ 0:17 hours
    Newburyport -> Boston Logan Airport (BOS) 36.4 miles/ 0:45 hours
    Worcester -> Boston Logan Airport (BOS) 48.9 miles/ 0:50 hours
    Providence, RI -> Boston Logan Airport (BOS) 51.2 miles/ 1:03 hours

    On the road information:

    Before leaving for the airport, we suggest checking your car to avoid problems while on the road. This includes possible issues such as tire pressure, oil level, coolant, and your vehicle lights (front and rear). We recommend also checking the tire pressure of your spare tire.

    Being prepared and checking your vehicle will ensure that you are on time and avoid any stress during your travels. Also make sure to check travel conditions and construction updates before leaving to figure out how much time you will need.

    Maximum Speed

    Please be advised that speed limits change depending on the area. Be sure to pay attention to the posted speed limit signs for more accurate information. Below you will find the most common speed limits:

    • Highway: 70 mph
    • City Limits: 15 to 45 mph
    • Country Roads: 55 mph
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