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Directions to Jacksonville Airport

On this page you can plan your trip to Jacksonville Airport. Here are also useful tips for driving through United States by car.

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Jacksonville Airport
2400 Yankee Clipper Dr United States
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  • Traffic information


    Traffic Information:

    With Jacksonville International Airport being surrounded by the Osceola Wildlife Management Area, public transportation is hard to find if you live outside the city of Jacksonville. You could order a taxi service or use one of the ridesharing apps, however, these services may not be available where you live or will be costly. The easiest way to get to JAX would be to drive yourself. Parking at JAX airport can be expensive though at $10 per day, that can add up. Save money by booking Jacksonville Airport parking via Parkos. Our offsite partners charge as little as $4 per day.

    Driving directly to the airport? Use this address in your GPS or maps on your phone: 2400 Yankee Clipper Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32218.

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    Assuming normal weather conditions and no traffic delays, you can expect the following travel times:

    Jacksonville ->Jacksonville Intl Airport (JAX) 14 miles/ 0:16 hours
    Sint Augustine -> Jacksonville Intl Airport (JAX) 50.6 miles / 0:53 hours
    Lake City-> Jacksonville Intl Airport (JAX) 70 miles/ 1:09 hours
    Gainesville -> Jacksonville Intl Airport (JAX) 80.5 miles/ 1:23 hours
    Savannah, GA-> Jacksonville Intl Airport (JAX) 130 miles/ 1:54 hours

    On the road information:

    It’s advised that you inspect the following before you start driving to JAX:

    • oil
    • coolant
    • tire pressure
    • lights

    By inspecting your vehicle before your trip, you can avoid any issues or breakdowns that could cause a delay. To ensure you arrive for your flight on time, we also suggest checking for weather or traffic updates to help you plan how much you’ll need for your journey.

    Maximum Speed

    Speed limits may change depending on the area. Please follow the posted road signs, and use the general guidelines found below when in doubt.

    • Highway: 70 mph
    • City Limits: 15 to 45 mph (depending on signs posted)
    • Back Roads: 55 mph
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