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Kiss and Ride SF International Airport

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Kiss and Ride SF International Airport

As one of the busiest airports in the world, San Francisco International Airport focuses on giving passengers a stress-free experience. A great way to do this is with the Kiss and Ride service. It allows for quick passenger drop-offs without the need to find parking first. Though there are great parking facilities at SF International Airport, it’s always a welcome relief to also have a Kiss and Ride option.

What is Kiss and Ride?

As the name suggests, the main point of Kiss and Ride is to say goodbye to the passenger and drive off. The airport will have a section, usually outside the departures terminal, where passengers can be dropped off before their flight.

Cabs or e-hailing service providers prefer to use the Kiss and Ride area. That way, they can drop off one passenger, and then go and pick up passengers at the arrival terminal. There’s no need to worry about spending time looking for parking and so on.

However, those getting dropped off by friends and family can also use Kiss and Ride. Especially if they are in a hurry, or don’t need to see the passenger off at the check-in counter.

The concept of a Kiss and Ride should not be confused with the likes of LaGuardia Airport’s Park and Fly. That’s because Kiss and Ride doesn’t involve parking your car. In fact, the driver of the car isn’t allowed to leave the vehicle for any amount of time.

Kiss and Ride is quite a common service at airports all over the world. It has proven to be a convenient way of keeping people moving and avoiding congestion. So, whether you’re at SF International Airport, Chicago O’Hare International Airport, or Miami International Airport, expect to find some sort of Kiss and Ride service.

SFO Kiss and Fly map
SFO Kiss and Fly map

How does Kiss and Ride work at SF International?

As we mentioned above, most Kiss and Ride facilities are just outside the departures terminal. However, at San Francisco International Airport, things are a little different but still very convenient.

As a busy airport, SF International’s Kiss and Fly is located at the Rental Car Center on North McDonnell Road. From there, you can take AirTrain’s Blue Line to get to the departures terminal within a few minutes. Since the AirTrain operates 24/7, it’s available regardless of what time your flight is.

Having the Kiss and Ride a few miles away, helps to avoid too much traffic in the airport’s vicinity. This makes the whole experience of traveling internationally less stressful for everyone.

Also, remember, you can use the AirTrain for getting between the parking spots. So, this is great news for anyone using SF International Airport.

Benefits of Kiss and Ride

The concept of Kiss and Ride or Kiss and Fly has been adopted by thousands of airports all over the world. That’s simply because of the convenience that comes with it. This includes the passengers, obviously, but also the car drivers dropping them off and the airport staff.

We discuss more benefits below.

Cheaper Than Parking

When you know the person dropping you off won’t need to spend a lot of time at the airport, then Kiss and Ride is the cheapest option. Airport parking is well-known for being pricey, so if you can avoid paying parking fees, it’s best.

With Kiss and Fly, drivers are able to safely drop off their passengers and not have to worry about the parking meter ticking along. In addition, it helps to reduce the cost of using a cab or e-hailing services. When all they have to do is drop you off, they won’t need to pass on the expense of parking fees down to you.

Environmentally Friendly

Other than saving costs, it also helps to save the environment. As an airport committed to sustainability, San Francisco International Airport encourages passengers to opt for quick Kiss and Ride drop-offs. That minimizes idling cars, and so, reduced carbon emissions in and around the airport.

Moreover, by making passenger drop-offs more efficient, the program indirectly encourages shared transportation options such as taxis and rideshare services. This decreases the number of individual cars at the airport.

Convenience and Traffic Management

With a reduction in traffic in the airport area, everyone can get to their flight quickly. The Kiss and Ride option means people don’t waste time in a traffic jam as others take long to drop off passengers.

Also, airport staff are able to conduct their duties without the worry of traffic delaying them. In addition, the SF International Airport reduces the cost of hiring more employees to manage traffic flow around the airport terminals or parking lots.