When do the shuttle buses operate to and from the airport?

You have booked a shuttle parking place and wonder when the shuttle buses drive from the car park to the airport? In general, shuttle buses will depart when you arrive at the car park. At times, the driver may wait for other passengers to arrive, however, this will never be a long wait.

This means that your waiting time is usually very short and you'll be able to continue your journey to the airport. If shuttle buses drive less regularly, then we will mention this on our website.

No shuttle bus on arrival?

Sometimes (often at night), it may be that you arrive at the car park and the shuttle bus has just departed to take other passengers to the airport. In this case, you can always be sure that the shuttle bus will return within 30 minutes. Many parking providers have a waiting area inside the front office, where you can wait for the next bus to arrive. During busy periods, there will naturally be more shuttle buses. Therefore we will always ask you for your arrival and departure time, so we can inform the parking and they can include this in their planning.

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