What to do with car damage?

You have handed in your car keys in good faith and are ready to drive home after your trip abroad. When you realize that your car has been damaged, it can be frustrating and disappointing. Many parking providers check the condition of your car when you arrive and before you depart. When this is not the case, we suggest you do this yourself, and if need be, together with a parking staff member.

Always report the damage to the parking provider and ask for confirmation. Failing to do this means that it can never be proven that damage occurred on the premises of the parking provider. There may be several causes for the damage, when it is not possible to confirm the cause of the damage, then it may not be reimbursed. You may also wish to contact your insurance company to get advice on the handling of your damage claim.

Since Parkos does not operate the parking locations, the decision for any reimbursement is not ours to make, but that of the parking provider. It goes without saying that we will be more than happy to assist you with the processing of your damage claim.

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