I have not received a confirmation email

You will automatically receive a confirmation email the moment you have made a reservation. Here you will find, among other details, your arrival and departure times. This email also serves as a confirmation of your reservation when arriving at the parking place. You will normally receive your email about five or ten minutes after you have made your reservation.

Please check your spam folder if you have not received a confirmation email after ten minutes. Unfortunately, some emails are seen as spam by the email provider, sadly there is nothing that we can do about this issue.

How do I access my junk email?

Many email programs have a folder called 'junk/spam' it is possible that your confirmation email has ended up in here. Please check the screenprints below of where you can find the junk folders for Gmail, Outlook, or Hotmail:

Hoe bekijk ik mijn ongewenste email?

If you cannot find your confirmation email in any of these folders, then please login via the login page with your email address and reservation number. Here you'll be able to re-send the email confirmation to your email address. Please contact customer service if you are experiencing difficulties doing this. We can also, free of charge, provide you with a new confirmation email and send this to you. Here you will find our contact details: customer service page.


Do you have any questions?

Contact our customer service.

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