How to make a reservation

When going on a journey, you, of course, want to easily and safely book a parking space, and not spend hours searching the web! At Parkos, you can easily search for a reliable, suitable, and guaranteed parking space near one of the many airports on Parkos, such as JFK Airport, LAX Airport, or Baltimore Washington Airport. 

Start with submitting your arrival- and departure date.

Here you can see actual prices from the parking providers. As soon as we know your arrival and departure dates, it will show you the daily prices.

After this, you will be shown an overview of providers, here you can select your preferred provider, things to consider are the types of parking services, such as valet or self. By using the filters, you will be able to change the selection according to your preferences, as well as read information on the provider itself.

After you have made your selection, you will receive a reservation confirmation by email. Here you will find your details, parking and reservation details, as well as confirmation of your arrival and departure dates. In addition, you will also find a link with a route description of the parking.

You can at all times change and/or cancel your reservation.

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