How does self-parking work?

There are various ways to park at an airport. The most popular is self-parking. That means that you drive your car to the parking and park it yourself. You and your luggage will then be taken to the airport by shuttle bus.

When returning from the airport, you will need to call the parking so that they can ensure the shuttle bus is ready for you once you leave the terminal. The bus will take you and your luggage to your car so that you can quickly continue your journey home.

This way of parking means that you know where your car is parked. Quite often it’s possible to keep your car keys on you during your trip abroad.

Sometimes the parking provider may ask you to hand in your keys, this is so that they will be able to move your car and enable them to use their parking to its full capacity. The benefit from this is that your car is ready and waiting for you when you return to the parking and you don’t need to worry about keeping your keys safe during your journey abroad.

When you are comparing parking, you can clearly see if you will need to hand in your keys or not, you can always filter the parking according to your own preferences.

Self-parking via Parkos is available at all airports and the shuttle transfer is always included in the price.

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