Do I need to hand in my car keys?

When making a reservation through us, you can choose between valet and self-parking. Depending on the type of parking, we'll explain if you need to hand in your keys.

Valet parking

When choosing valet parking, you will most likely need to hand in your car keys. You drive your car to the parking location where an employee meets you out front. Since they park your car for you, you will hand your keys to the employee. At some parking locations, they will need to move your car or bring it to you when you return. You will be able to see if you must hand in your cars or if you may keep them before booking online. If you must hand them in, don't worry, the parking provider keeps your keys safe and secure at all times. 


When choosing self-parking, you drive your car to the parking provider's parking terrain. It depends on the parking provider whether you need to hand in your keys or not. The website will always tell you what is the case. In most cases, you will need to hand in your keys if the parking provider has limited space and sometimes may have to move cars to create more space. 

Your keys are kept in a safe, so you won't need to worry about them getting lost or stolen.

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