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MIA airport parking

Miami International Airport (MIA) is located in Miami-Dade County Florida and is the primary airport to serve the Miami area. Miami Airport is also called by its airport code, MIA airport. The Miami international airport is the 3rd busiest in the U.S. for international passenger traffic, especially as it serves as the gateway between the United States and South America. Miami MIA airport serves as one of the major hubs for American Airlines and its services to Latin America. For the state of Florida, MIA Miami Airport is the second busiest, coming in after Orlando International Airport (Orlando MCO). In 2019, Miami Airport MIA recorded nearly 46 million passengers (see also Wikipedia).

Miami International Airport or MIA Airport has connections and destinations around the world and throughout the U.S. Popular American destinations among travelers include Atlanta Airport, New York LaGuardia, Houston Hobby, Chicago Midway, Chicago OHare, Jacksonville JAX, Los Angeles Airport, and Orange County John Wayne Airport. If you have an early flight, these Miami airport hotels can accommodate you; Holiday Inn Miami, Sheraton Miami Airport Hotel, Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon, Embassy Suites, Staybridge Suites, and Crowne Plaza. As you can see, there are a lot of options for an airport hotel, but also Miami Airport Parking is available.

Miami International Airport has different Miami airport parking options. Valet parking is also offered; however, Miami Airport Parking can come at a hefty price. Especially when you park to travel at MIA airport parking, where there’s no cheaper alternative like an economy MIA parking park. Their main airport parking at MIA airport, the Dolphin garage, Flamingo garage, and South garage, charge nearly $20 per day! That’s why Parkos was founded! At Parkos, we want to provide travelers with affordable alternatives to the popular, but expensive ride-sharing services and the high Miami airport parking rates charged at a parking at Miami airport.

We strive to offer reliable, safe and affordable parking options near the airports. Our role is to provide you with transparent and accessible options when looking for airport parking, and in this case for Miami MIA parking lots. That is why we provide detailed descriptions of the parking lots including location, method of parking (self parking and valet parking), daily MIA parking rates, and availability. When you visit, you are able to search, compare, and book parking lots based on your preferences for short term parking or long term parking at Miami airport. And, when you book via Parkos, you can rest assured that your MIA airport parking lot reservation will be honored. We work hard so you can have an easy and stress-free travel experience without overpaying for Miami International Airport MIA parking or last-minute ride shares.

Pricing table off-site parking at MIA

Valet daily rate: $4.99
Self-park daily rate: $3.12
Valet 8 days: $39.95
Self-park 8 days: $24.95

Miami Airport Parking Rates

Location: All of our partners have their location for parking near MIA. The free shuttle ride is quick and easy, taking 20 minutes or less. The complimentary free shuttle runs every 20 minutes and the parking near Miami airport offer luggage assistance. We also work with partners that have ridesharing options for travelers who may prefer using Uber or Lyft. This way customers can park closer near Miami airport and use alternative transportation to save on the cost of official MIA parking rates.

Quality: The parking facilities offer high-quality services and paved parking. Parkos and the parking owners want to offer better airport parking to customers. Which is why Parkos personally inspects each short term or MIA long term parking lot to guarantee its quality and security. Some partners also offer extra perks and amenities such as car washing, flat tire assistance, and electric vehicle charging stations.

Reviews: We want the booking and parking reservation process to be as easy and convenient as possible for customers. That is why we value customer feedback, we want to get to know about how a customer rates us and what they think of the parking services we offer. Parkos encourages every customer to leave a review to help us keep improving the Miami short term or long term parking services. If you have any questions, reach out to our customer service and get your answers within 24 hours.

Long Term Parking Miami Airport

Compare between different parking providers

Compare different parkings: Search, compare, and book a Miami airport parking lot with Parkos. You have choices for different parking spaces with cheap parking prices per day, so you have the freedom to choose which one works best for you. The parking locations offer different types of parking such as outdoor or outdoor parking, self or valet parking, short term parking, long term parking, covered parking, and uncovered parking.


Safety: When you park with our partners, you won’t have to worry about your parked vehicle. The parking lots are gated and equipped with CCTV security cameras to keep your vehicle safe and secure 24/7. Spend your trip relaxing instead of feeling stressed when you park with Parkos.

Plan your trip

Plan your trip: We advise customers to plan ahead of time and reserve a parking space early. By booking your parking early, you will get a guaranteed spot at your preferred parking location. We also suggest printing your reservation confirmation for check-in purposes. To allow for plenty of time to arrive at the airport, we encourage customers to arrive at the parking 30 minutes before they wish to be at the airport terminal. Need assistance finding the parking location? Feel free to use our route parking map for directions.

Miami International Airport parking map

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