How does Valet Parking work at Kansas City International Airport?

Valet Parking Kansas City Airport: Are you flying from Kansas City International Airport and looking for a safe way to park your car? At Parkos' KCI valet parking, you will get a number of amenities. Furthermore, it is easy, quick, and safe! Simply make a reservation, drive to the airport and Parkos' valet will take care of the rest.

Making a reservation with Parkos is easy. Visit our official website to find a free spot on your date of departure. Then, drive to the departure hall. However, make sure to call your allotted valet 30 mins before your arrival to prevent delays. Finally, you can hand over your car to the valet with no worries.


Continue your journey

While you will be away, the valet and parking provider will keep your car safe. These providers are checked and authorized personally by Parkos. Therefore, you need not worry about your vehicle's safety. In case you chose additional services like washing your car, your valet will take care of that too!

All parking providers, and the spots they allot you, are checked by Parkos for safety and security. Additionally, valets are instructed to take care of your car like it is their own. As a result, your vehicle will be in the best hands. Parkos' providers also offer extra amenities so your car looks new and clean upon your return. Make sure to avail them!


On return

Once you return to Kansas City International Airport, you will have to contact your parking provider, who will put you through to your valet. But don't worry, you will not need to go all the way to the parking spot, as the valet will bring your car to you at your agreed location.


Advantages and disadvantages

Valet parking is quite different from conventional parking. The former will save you the time and energy in finding a spot, judging how safe it is, and then walking to the airport. However, conventional parking will cost you some money. Let's now discuss valet parking's advantages and disadvantages.


Time efficiency. Valet parking will save you a lot of time. You won't need to arrive early at the airport to get a free parking spot. The parking provider will keep a spot empty for you. Additionally, you can book your spot beforehand, which means it will likely be much closer to the airport.

Convenience. Planning a trip is already hectic enough. However, with Parkos' valet parking, you won't need to worry about when to reach, where to park, and if you will get an empty spot. The parking provider will take care of it all. Furthermore, you will know your car is in excellent hands while you make your journey.


Trust. Although Parkos' valet services bring a lot of conveniences to the table, trust is always an issue. You will be handing your car over to a stranger, and there might be doubts about it in your head. However, Parkos inspects every single parking space, valet, and parking provider before listing it on their website.

Cost. Unlike conventional parking, using Parkos' valet services will cost you some money. However, in the overall picture, it is a small price to pay for peace of mind, full security of your vehicle, and convenience. Although conventional parking is free of cost, it does come with more concerns than valet.


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