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Jeffrey Sunday 03 July 2022

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Straightforward website, booking was quick and easy!

Kahului Airport Parking

Kahului Airport is an international airport located in Kahului City on Keolani Pl in West Maui. The Maui airport code, OGG, comes from Kauai native and Hawaiian Airlines aviation pioneer named Bertram J. “Jimmy” Hogg. The majority of flights out of Kahului Airport arrive from Honolulu Airport. The Honolulu - Kahului HI corridor, as it’s called, is one of the heaviest-trafficked air routes in the United States with over 1 million passengers traveling between the islands every year (see also Wikipedia). OGG Airport can be reached from Airport Road, off the Hanna Hwy.

Passengers Kahului

Year Amount
2013 6,100,887
2014 6,246,075
2015 6,678,772
2016 6,692,710
2017 7,132,937
2018 7,477,166

OGG Airport operates most of its flights within the United States (and to other Hawaii Airports) to destinations such as Los Angeles, Lihue, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago OHare, Molokai, Orlando Airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor and Hilo. For travelers with early morning flights, Kahului offers a variety of airport hotels for accommodation. The hotels in Kahului include Courtyard Marriott, Days Inn, and Maui Beach Hotel.

Parking at Kahului Airport is expensive and inconvenient for travelers with only the commuter terminal/ terminal and heliport parking or public parking as a parking option. The parking rates for OGG Airport are $15 per day and that doesn’t guarantee an available and convenient parking space, or an airport shuttle ride. The last thing travelers should worry about before a trip is finding easy, affordable parking. That’s why we created Parkos, to give travelers a better way to park. Instead of settling for difficult, expensive parking at OGG Airport, check out some of our offsite airport parking operators listed on Parkos.com! We provide parking at a lower parking fee than at the airport and complimentary shuttle transfers to the terminal. Customers can also find parking information over each operator such as location, daily rates, amenities, safety, and types of parking. Make a parking reservation online with Parkos today!

Affordable Parking near Kahului OGG Airport

Location & Shuttle: Our partners are located near Maui Kahului Airport to provide quick and easy transportation to and from the airport. The complimentary shuttle runs every 30 minutes to ensure there is always a shuttle available for customers. The staff at the parking facilities also offer luggage assistance.

Quality: High-quality parking is important to us at Parkos. We personally check each parking operator’s facilities and safety features to guarantee the standard of quality is being met. The providers also go above and beyond for their customers by offering amenities such as restrooms, WIFI, a waiting room, luggage assistance, car washes, and electric vehicle charging stations.

Reviews: You can read reviews from real customers to help you find the parking location that is best for you. We encourage feedback from all of our customers and invite you to leave a review of the parking. Tell us about your booking experience and what you thought about our partner!

Parking near Kahului Airport OGG

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Compare parking operators: Search and compare the offsite airport parking operators quickly and easily on our website. Each operator offers different types of parking to give customers choices and the freedom to choose parking that fits your needs and budget. Some of the parking options found on Parkos include valet parking, self parking, indoor parking, outdoor parking, short term parking, long term parking, uncovered parking, and covered parking.


Safety: Keeping your car safe is one of our top priorities which is why we check each facility’s safety features. The providers offer various security measures such as CCTV, security guards, 24/7 staff onsite, and gated parking lots. Don’t spend your trip worrying about overnight parking; relax knowing your car is safe with our partners.

Plan your trip

Plan your trip: We suggest booking reserved parking ahead of time to get a guaranteed parking space. We also recommend printing your confirmation email and having it ready for check-in at the parking. Please arrive at the location 30 minutes before you wish to be at the airport terminal to allow for plenty of time in case of traffic. If you’re looking for a route from your location to the parking, check out our free route planner for directions.

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