PARK, SLEEP & FLY Sleep Inn (2 Queen Bed Room)

About PARK, SLEEP & FLY Sleep Inn (2 Queen Bed Room)

Shuttle service runs between 24/7. Early in the morning, late at night, your flight is delayed? No matter! Sleep Inn's transport shuttle runs every 30 minutes in the morning, and after 12 PM it is available upon request.

When going to the hotel, you will need to have a print out of your Parkos confirmation email for check-in (you should park your car before checking in at the front desk). The staff will then put a tag on your car, allowing you to relax in the cozy hotel before its time to depart the next morning. Enjoy either Sleep Inn's standard room, or their rooms with 2 queen beds! Sleep Inn also provides a business center, fitness room, breakfast, and luggage storage as well!

No RV's or trailer attachments to trucks are allowed. Please note that if you are delayed or cannot pick up your vehicle at the specified pickup time, there is an $8 per day charge that you will incur. Please, if you are delayed, make sure to contact the Sleep Inn and coordinate a new pick up time. If you contact the Sleep Inn, they can arrange parking up to an additional 30 days after the original pick up time; however, if you do not contact them within 7 days after the original pickup time, Sleep Inn holds the right to tow your vehicle.

Sleep Inn offers the following safety features: CCTV security, a gated parking lot, 24/7 staff presence, and lighted parking lot.

Sleep Inn has several facilities/amenities for their customers, including: disabled parking spots, restrooms, their business center, wifi, indoor fitness room, luggage storage, luggage assistance, and breakfast!

Going to the Airport from Sleep Inn

Shuttle to Seattle-Tacoma International
When you get to the hotel, you will park your car and then go to the reception desk to check into a room. Please bring your confirmation email from Parkos for check-in purposes. The staff will tag your car with your return date after you have been checked-in. The shuttle runs every 30 minutes in the morning, and upon request after 12 PM. If you need to request a shuttle, just go to the front desk and request it! Please Note: One-night room minimum stay before long term parking. The parking is included in the room price listed.

Shuttle from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to Sleep Inn
Once you return from Seattle Tacoma Airport, please collect any luggage and make your way to the courtesy island pick up zone. Call +1 206-347-3309 to request a shuttle service if you are there after 12 PM. The driver will bring you and your bags back to the hotel and you can continue your journey home.

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