About ValetSchiphol

ValetSchiphol attaches great importance to service, quality and reliability and its years of experience ensure that your car is parked safely and can travel with peace of mind. The car park is open 24 hours a day and your flight schedules are always taken into account. The maximum height is 2.80 metres and cars with a maximum length of 5.50 metres and a width of 2.30 metres are allowed.

Valet service

You leave your car at the airport and ValetSchiphol will make sure that after you check in your car, you can check in while your car is safely parked on one of ValetSchiphol's lots. On the way back, your car will be taken back to Schiphol's departure hall, so that you can resume your return journey home.

The ValetSchiphol parking garage is equipped with a CCTV camera system that ensures that your car is safely parked 24/7. Each floor of the car park is equipped with electronic fire doors that close in the event of disasters. Only ValetSchiphol staff have access to the parking lot. Your keys will be safely stored in a safe.

When using the valetSchiphol service, you can immediately use all Schiphol facilities after the transfer of your car. The ValetSchiphol employee will be happy to help you load and unload your luggage. ValetSchiphol does everything in its power to ensure that you can resume your journey with peace of mind.

In addition to the good service, ValetSchiphol also offers you various laundry packages that you can add to your reservation.

Arrival in Schipol

For ValetSchiphol you must go to Schiphol in the corner between Departures Hall 2 and 3 (not on the traffic lane but on the'public' side). A ValetSchiphol employee is waiting for you here. 30 minutes before your arrival in Schiphol, please contact ValetSchiphol at the above telephone number. This is to minimize waiting time.

Upon arrival in Schiphol, one of the employees will check your car for damage. If circumstances (night, rain, etc.) prevent effective control, your vehicle will be checked as soon as possible. The damage is mentioned on the registration form. After the transfer of the vehicle key, the registration form is signed in 2 copies, after which you will receive a copy. The car will be parked by ValetSchiphol staff and the key will be stored in a safe during your absence.


After picking up your luggage and checking out, please contact ValetSchiphol again at the phone number above. They will then know that they can wait for you at the collection point, which is located at exit D in departure hall 3.

ValetSchiphol will ensure that your car is ready for you at the collection point upon your arrival in Schiphol. Upon presentation of your exchange voucher, you will receive, after signing for proper receipt, your car and car key and you can resume your return trip.

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