DoubleTree Orlando Airport Specialty Parking

About DoubleTree Orlando Airport Specialty Parking

DoubleTree Orlando Airport Specialty Parking is a great choice for travelers flying out of MCO. With their professional and friendly service, the staff at Specialty ensure you can relax and enjoy stress-free airport parking. Their shuttles currently run from 6 AM until 11 PM. Reserve your spot with DoubleTree Orlando Specialty Parking today!

DoubleTree Orlando Airport Specialty Parking offers long term outdoor parking options for travelers flying out of MCO. With luggage assistance, shuttle transfers, and EV charging, customers can have a more personalized experience. Note: Oversize vehicles may not park here. If your vehicle cannot fit inside one space, you will not be able to park at the DoubleTree.

Important: The shuttles run from 6 AM until 11 PM however the frequency of pick-ups and drop-offs change depending on the time of day. From 6:00 AM to 9:30 PM shuttles run every 15 minutes and from 9:30 PM to 11:00 PM the shuttles will operate every 30 minutes. Please plan your travel accordingly.

Parking at DoubleTree Orlando means stress-free, safe parking for your car. The lot is fenced and lighted lot plus the staff is present 24/7 and monitored by CCTV. The parking lot is also insured for any damage that may occur on-site. For customers who choose valet parking, the DoubleTree Specialty Parking staff will also inspect your vehicle upon arrival to avoid any issues or misunderstandings at check-out.

Please note: For self-parking, customers will be able to keep their car keys. However, valet parking customers must leave their keys with the staff at the parking lot. Your keys will be kept safe and locked in their office.

DoubleTree Orlando Airport Specialty Parking has plenty of amenities for customers when they park in Orlando. Some amenities offered include luggage assistance, indoor lobby, restrooms, and electric vehicle charging stations. Travelers with disabilities will also have accessible parking spaces and accessible shuttle buses.

Please Note for EV charging, customers must provide their own charging cable! It is free for all customers but there are limited spaces and is therefore first come first serve. Please call the parking to get more info about EV charging.

Going to Orlando Int. Airport from DoubleTree Specialty Parking

Shuttle to MCO
Please arrive at the parking 30 minutes prior to the shuttle departure time (if the shuttle is departing at 9:30 then arrive at 9:00). The staff will direct you on where to park if you have booked self-parking. You will receive a ticket and luggage assistance before boarding the shuttle and taken to the airport. If you have booked valet parking, a staff member will give you a parking ticket and help with your luggage. You can then wait for the shuttle while they park your vehicle for you.

Please Note: customers who choose self-parking will be able to keep their keys. Valet parking customers MUST leave their keys with the Specialty Parking staff.

Shuttle from Orlando Int. Airport to DoubleTree Specialty Parking
When you arrive back at MCO Airport, please collect your bags before calling the parking. After you have your luggage, call the staff at 407-856-0100 for pick-up. They will give further instructions on where to go for pick-up and bring you back to the parking.

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