PARK, SLEEP & FLY Rodeway Inn Nashville (Standard Room-NO SHUTTLE)

About PARK, SLEEP & FLY Rodeway Inn Nashville (Standard Room-NO SHUTTLE)

Rodeway Inn is great for travelers looking for a park, sleep, and fly option near Nashville Airport. The hotel staff are friendly and professional, ready to assist you with checking-in. This park, sleep, & fly package includes one night's stay in a standard room and up to 3 days of parking.

The price includes the parking service for the duration of the reservation and a room for the first night of your booking. Please also note that the hotel does not provide a shuttle to the airport and customers will need to make their own transportation arrangements.

When you arrive at the Rodeway Inn, you will park your car and go to the front office for check-in. You will then be given a key to your room for your one night stay before departing for your flight the following day. For those with oversize vehicles such as trucks and SUVs, there is no extra fee for parking!

Please note: The Rodeway Inn does NOT provide shuttle service. Travelers must book alternative transportation to get both to and from the airport terminal! Customers also must know that if your car is left at the hotel for longer than 5 days, the hotel has the right to tow your vehicle. If your flight is delayed, causing you to need to pick up your car later than expected, notify the Rodeway Inn as soon as possible for any reservation changes.

Rodeway Inn has staff on-site 24/7 as well as CCTV to keep your car safe while you're away. Customers are also able to keep their keys so you won't have to worry about nay else driving your car.

Note: Customers are responsible for their car and the hotel can not be held liable for any missing items or damage. The customer must contact the police and file a claim with their insurance company.

Rodeway Inn offers park, sleep, and fly packages with restrooms, waiting room, and breakfast

Customers will drive to the hotel and park the car themselves before checking in at the front desk. You will then be able to go to your room before your flight the next day. Please note: The hotel does NOT provide a shuttle transfer to Nashville International. Customers will need to arrange alternative transportation from Rodeway Inn to the airport, as well as from the airport back to the hotel after your trip.

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