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About Prestige Easy Park

Prestige Easy Park is a reliable and professional parking, perfect for anyone looking for long term parking when flying out of Miami International Airport. Besides their professionalism and reliability, Prestige Easy Park operates on 24/7 basis so not matter the time of the day they are ready to get you to and from the airport safely and quickly. Next time you're searching for airport parking in Miami look no further, Prestige Easy Park is here to provide the best experience! Please note SUV's and Pickups will be subject to a higher daily rate (1.25 USD per day) and this difference will be paid at the parking lot in either cash or credit card/debit.

When you park at Prestige Easy Park you can fly stress free. The parking lot is gated and equipped with several security cameras monitoring the parking lot and vehicles.

When accepting your car, the staff will check your car with you to log any damage on the car during check in.

Prestige Easy Park offers the following perks: 24/7 Free Shuttle service to and from the airport, waiting room and restrooms. In addition, Prestige Easy Park offers the following car care paid services upon demand at their location: car wax

It is noteworthy to mention that the customer must leave his/hers keys. The staff will keep them secured at all times inside the office.

Going to MIA Airport from Prestige Easy Park

Shuttle to MIA
When arriving to the parking lot please check in at the office and then an attendant will park your vehicle. After that you'll be ready to board one the shuttles that will transport you to the airport safely and quickly.

Shuttle from MIA International to Prestige Easy Park
On your return to MIA Airport (and only after you’ve claimed your luggage) please call the dispatcher at 305-609-1194. After doing so please head to the 2nd Level (Departures) where you will be picked up. Prestige Easy Park will send one of their shuttles to transport you back to the parking lot in no time so you can check out and head home in the comfort of your own vehicle!

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