Address & Arriving to the Parking Lot
For reasons beyond their control, their address: 253-51 Rockaway Blvd, Woodmere NY 11598 is not properly syncing with many navigation systems. If you are trying to locate the parking, we recommend using their next-door neighbors' address: 249-15 Rockaway Blvd, Rosedale, NY 11422.

Outdoor Valet Parking & Shuttle
When arriving at the lot prior to departure please check-in, after doing so the client will be provided with a ticket number and Parking Lot phone number. A parking lot attendant will park your vehicle. JFK Discount Parking kindly requests that customers leave their keys. In return, they will ensure that your car is parked safely in their gated and surveilled lot. When returning from your flight, we ask that you call the parking for pick-up after claiming luggage. Once the client has called for pick-up, a branded shuttle will pick you up at the passenger pick up location at the terminal. Typical pick-up time is 10-15 minutes but may vary due to traffic. Please note, oversized vehicles will be subject to a parking rate of $19.95 per day

If you want to fly stress-free, park at JFK Discount Parking. The parking lot is gated and equipped with security cameras constantly monitoring the parking lot. The parking lot is also insured. If you have any questions you can contact 844 453-5727 ext 1.

JFK Discount Parking offers amenities such as 24/7 Free Shuttle service, luggage assistance, Wifi, and restrooms.

It is noteworthy to mention that the customer must leave his/her keys. The staff will keep them secure at all times inside a secured key box inside the office.

Going to JFK Airport from JFK Discount Parking

Shuttle to JFK
When arriving at the parking lot please check-in at the office and then an attendant will park your vehicle. After that, you'll be ready to board one of the shuttles that will transport you to the airport safely and quickly.

Shuttle from JFK Airport to JFK Discount Parking Lot
On your return from JFK Airport (and only after you’ve claimed your luggage), please call the dispatcher at 844- 453-5727 ext 3. They will send one of their shuttles to transport you back to the parking lot in no time!

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