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Karu Parking is a reliable and easy option for anyone looking for long term parking when flying out of Fort Lauderdale International Airport. Their valet service will take your car off your hands so you don't need to worry about parking yourself! Karu Parking's provides quality service and security for your vehicle. Bring your vehicle anytime between 4:30 AM - 12:00 AM! As airports suggest arriving at the airport 1.5 to 3 hours prior to departure, Karu Parking advises making your reservation time for when you will arrive at the parking, not when you should be at the airport.

Please note SUVs and Pickups will be subject to a higher daily rate ($5 per day), and RVs will NOT be allowed to park at Karu's facility. Additionally, there is a $7 daily charge for cars parked over their original reservation duration. If these fees are accrued, this difference will be paid at the parking lot in either cash or debit/credit card.

Karu Parking es la opción fiable y de alta calidad para cualquier viajero del Aeropuerto Internacional de Fort Lauderdale. El servicio de Karu Parking esta a tu disponibilidad entre las 04:30 y 00:00 cada día. Te avisan llegar con suficiente antelación de tu viaje.

Tenga en cuenta que el parking cobra un suplemento diario de $5 para SUV´s y camionetas, y que no se aceptan caravanas en el parking. En el caso que sobrepases la duración de la reserva cobrarán $7 por día.

Karu Parking's lot is gated, with CCTV surveillance to provide you with reassurance that your car is safe during your travels.

Providing you with further security, your keys will be locked away safely at the Karu facility

El recinto de Karu Parking esta Vallado y también cuentan con cámaras de videovigilancia para asegurarte que tu coche quede seguro durante la estancia.

Tus llaves se guardaran en una caja fuerte.

Karu Parking also provides access to the following perks: luggage assistance, car washes at a fair price, along with a bar and lounge with finger foods!

Karu Parking también te ofrece los siguientes servicios adicionales: asistencia con el equipaje, lavado del coche y un bar con bebidas y tapas!

When you arrive at Karu Parking, you will be instructed to take pictures of your vehicle as well as the milage once your car has been parked. You will then walk inside to the front desk where you will be checked in.

Included in this check-in will be gathering your phone number/email address to send you an e-ticket. Please note that this e-ticket will not only hold information regarding your reservation, but also will provide exact directions of how to reach the shuttle from the airport and will additionally include pictures of the shuttle you need to take to reach Karu Parking from Fort Lauderdale International Airport.

Al llegar a Karu Parking te invitaran a tomar fotos de tu vehículo y del kilometraje cuando lo hayan aparcado. A continuación dirígete al check-in para solicitar el traslado al aeropuerto.

Durante el check-in solicitaran tu número de teléfono y tu dirección de correo electrónico para enviarte el billete. Ten en cuenta que este billete contiene todo la información de tu reserva entonces es importante que lo guardes bien.

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